Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful: Day 24

Happy Thanksgiving.  It has been a wonderful 24 days of reflection of all the things I am so very grateful for.  I am thankful for so many things, one not any more important than the other (ok, maybe wine and cheese isn't that important...).  When it all comes together, I am thankful for a healthy, happy, satisfied life that I am living.  I know that the Lord has blessed me abundantly.  

As we spend the holiday up in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, it will be a wonderful time of peace and reflection on all things good in my life, mainly my family.  That is really all that matters.

I hope this finds you enjoying your Thanksgiving Holiday as much as we are.

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving! While great food, friends, family and football make for a wonderful day, taking time out of my fast-paced life to think through the many blessings and to express gratitude to God and to others is really why I love this holiday so much. An attitude of gratitude, of course, shouldn't be a once-a-year deal, and hopefully cultivating a thankful heart goes beyond that one special Thursday in November for all of us. Won't you join me in professing your gratitude?


Shawn said...

So beautiful, enjoy your time away and together!

Connie said...

What a beautiful place!

Happy Thanksgiving!

MiMi said...

That looks so peaceful.
I hope you had a wonderful day!

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