Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whew! Or....I Am Thinking of Boycotting May Next Year....

            I am so thankful that May 31 is just a few short days away.  Seriously, could I have packed more into this month?  And now I have a birthday each year smack dab in the middle of the busiest month?  Nice.  I am sure this month is crazy for most of you with school-aged kids.  Among the end of sports season parties, Teacher Appreciation week, end of school year activities, end of scout year events, Girl Scout camp, Bunco, Book Club, PTA meetings.......we decided to have a big party for Bubba's first birthday?  What were we thinking?

With all the craziness we call May, I thought I'd highlight some of the fun.....

In Texas, May means swimming season is on!
May also brings us Field Day at school....which was a very hot one.  
These kids had just gotten soaked playing in the "car wash", hence all the smiles!

3rd grade vs. 4th grade tug-o-war.
Remember how much fun that was as a kid?
May means the end of our soccer season.  
Sis will be taking soccer skills classes all summer and we can't wait to start back up in the fall.
I was amazed at how grown up she looks here.  It shocked me a little.....
This particular May meant that Bubba was big enough for a forward facing seat.
There is a whole new world for him to see now.
May ended our Scout year with both Sis & Brody moving up.
Brody earned his Tiger Badge and...
became a Wolf!

deep breath....

May brought us the "Living Museum" at school.
Sis turned into Betsy Ross for the night.
And told everyone who pressed her "button" all about her life!
It was pretty cool seeing my 9 year old memorize all that info!
And of course, May gave us Little Bubba Boy!
We indulged with a cupcake on his actual birthday.
And Grandma Illinois was able to Skype in to see him enjoy it.
Bubba also helped Dad put together his new toy.
He is so proud...and so very close to walking!
May also brought us a quick visit with Aunt Ginger.  We had a blast shopping, spending time up at school with the kids, and Bubba's Party- I couldn't have done it without her help!

Which brings us to this week....
Filled with awards ceremonies, PTA party, last runs with my fantastic group of ladies, a play group swim party, Soccer swim party, and finishing it up with a fun celebration at the school bus like last year!


Don't these kids look proud of their accomplishments? 

Is it me or do these teachers look just as excited as the kids to have summer here??

Monday, May 24, 2010

Margaritas for a One Year Old?

           if you are any kind of follower of my blog, you know that we have been celebrating all week for our littlest one.  He turned one last week.  Duh.  And Matt & I decided that we'd celebrate B.I.G.  No cake & Elmo for us.....  We wanted a bash with all our friends & family to help us celebrate a whole year with him in our lives.  And what could be more fun that a backyard party complete with a margarita machine & nacho bar?
What is more enjoyable than a margarita machine on your back porch??
Oh yes, back to the reason we are celebrating.....
We had lots of family.
Grandma & PaPa Texas
Aunt Ginger
And lots of great friends.
It was the perfect night too!  Everyone had a great time. 
Especially the Birthday Boy!
And no party would be complete without CAKE!
Don't ya think Bubba?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy First Birthday to my Sweet Angel!

One year of smiles.
One year of cries.
One year of discovery.
One year of happiness.
One year of love.

            Sweet Bubba Boy, we thank God daily for bringing you into our lives.  Thank you for being such a sweet and loving boy.  We have loved having this last year with you.  You have brought us immeasurable joy.  Happy first birthday.  

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Third Angel Part 4

Still smiling at 9 months...this time with a few teeth in your mouth!
Our Angel started to experience new & fun bike rides.
And March (crazy, I know!).
And kite festivals.
He started to pull up.  And was so proud of himself.
And continued to pull up on everything.
We decided mushy foods (like homemade sweet potatoes) just weren't his thing.
But if he could pick it up himself, he was all for it.
He worshipped his Daddy....
His first words have definitely been "DaDa".
Adores him so much, he spent an hour watching his "DaDa" mow.
And oh, how he loves to get into everything.....
And I mean everything....
Thank goodness he hasn't mastered these guys yet.
Oh dear, precious boy.  How you have made my heart melt this past year.
God truly blessed us with another angel.
Thank you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Third Angel Part 3

Month 6 and our Angel is just the happiest baby you've ever seen.
He just loves to laugh and smile.  At anyone.
Especially these 2 silly siblings.
His first Christmas was filled with traditions.
Which included lots of picture taking.
And charming Great-Grandmas.
Bubba got a new chair.
And became a fantastic eater- liking just about everything you'd feed him.
He learned to sit.  He would sit for hours playing with toys.
Or his brother's toys....
And he tried with all his might to crawl.  It was a little frustrating for him.
Until one day he took off.
And there was no stopping him.
He became very proud of himself when he learned how to pull up in the crib.
Yet another moment showing us how quickly he was growing up.
But no matter how quickly he was growing, it didn't stop him from showing his love.
And his smiles.
And his happiness.....or ours for that matter.

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