Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful: Day 15

I am thankful for this great friend who inspires me to run crazy distances.  Last year, Mel casually asked me if I wanted to run a half-marathon with her.  Sure!  So we did and we loved it and today we started training for our second one in January.  I am thankful to have a friend who can make me accountable, even on those days I don't want to get out of bed and strap on my running shoes.  I am thankful for great conversation while we run to make the miles tick by.  I am thankful for her patience when we run with Bubba in the stroller (he can be pretty demanding).  But mainly I am thankful for the wonderful friendship that has developed over the past few years.  Looking forward to the training!

One of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving! While great food, friends, family and football make for a wonderful day, taking time out of my fast-paced life to think through the many blessings and to express gratitude to God and to others is really why I love this holiday so much. An attitude of gratitude, of course, shouldn't be a once-a-year deal, and hopefully cultivating a thankful heart goes beyond that one special Thursday in November for all of us. Won't you join me in professing your gratitude?

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Having someone to run with really does make it so much better. Congrats!

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