Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Day of School

The First Day of School last fall was momentous for us - Morganne started middle school this year!
 She was thrilled - not a bit nervous to move to sixth grade.
 And my beautiful girl hopped out of the car and barely waved goodbye.  I so wanted to roll the window down and yell, "I LOVE YOU MORGANNE!!! HAVE A GREAT FIRST DAY OF 6TH GRADE!"  She would have died.

 I could barely get a picture out of this guy.  Jack started 4th grade with Mrs. Hillerich - Morganne's 4th grade teacher.
 Yep - he was not thrilled with me taking a picture outside of his classroom.  Bye mom.
 And this gorgeous guy - he started his second year at Council Oak Preschool with Ms. Gwen & Ms. Joy.

 There is no hesitation - he loves going back to school after the summer off - in fact, after a few weeks, was asking to go everyday - he's most upset when it's Tuesday and not a "school day".
 So what's a mom to do once all three kids are back in school but celebrate!!!  Chuy's, Texas Martini's and girlfriends!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Ian Matthew - Life of the Party

Every day I thank God he brought our third child into our lives.  He honestly makes our family complete.  He is at that adorable almost 4 stage where he says & does the funniest things.
 Over the past few weeks, he is obsessed with costumes.  He has a big box in his closet that is filled with various costumes and bits from our past Halloweens.  There is not a day that goes by that he isn't in that box pulling something out.  It could be a hat or a cape or a full costume that he comes bounding down the stairs in.
 And it's not as if he "becomes" that character.  He just wears it.  One day I asked him who he was when wearing the Mr. Incredibles costume and he said Batman. Once he took it off, he ran to me to tell me he was "Ian" again.  Good, I missed him!!
 He is a very particular kid too, always making it clear to tell us exactly what he wants.  And if he doesn't get it, we hear about it.........

Like the toothbrush from the dentist.  It's Cars - YAY!!  But when he discovered it was "Sally" and not "Lightening" he was most upset.  "Mom - they gave me Sally!!!  Morganne can have it."
 He's always wanting to try everything his Sister and Brother are doing.  But sometimes he realizes, maybe he's not quite ready for everything....like the Spring swing.
 Ian really loves to play with his friends and his siblings, but he LOVES these boys - Woo-is and Cal - ummm are his "best friends" and these adorable boys love giving Ian attention.  The sad thing is, their older sister is his babysitter who he used to adore - not anymore - Faye is forgotten when the boys are around.
He has the best appetite out of all three of my kids - was a terrific eater as a baby - would try anything. He still is pretty good - His favorite food is a full Chick-fil-A sandwich - forget the kid's meal - he wants the adult one - he's not cheap!
But this boy has attitude and is not afraid to show it.  Wonder where he gets that from??  At our last soccer tournament, we had one last game to get to and he refused to get out of the truck.  And when we pulled him out of the truck, he ran to the handle clinging to it.  He's a head-strong one.....
 Does that snarl come with those boots???

Right now, if Ian doesn't like you, you are "on fire".  I guess he thinks it's a term we use from the Fall Out Boys song - "Light it Up, I'm on Fire" - he goes around singing it and telling us the Morganne & Jack are "on fire".
 We have such a great time with him.

Just this week he had a conversation with his carpool buddy Ty on the drive home about Dads:

Ian: "I have a Matt. He's pretty good."
Ty: "Yeah, I have a Michael.  I like him."

As if you can pick your daddies out of a catalog.
 And seeing his wonder and excitement over the little things make it so special -
Look Mom! A Wady-bug!!!
Ugh, I could talk about him and all the cute things he does all day long.  Really, I just want to bottle him up and keep him this cute forever.  Too soon they grow up and snarl at you when you ask them to do something (ahem, older two....).  For now, I'll just try to do my best to record these adorable conversations & moments here to remember them forever.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Morganne Elisabeth Turned 12

12 Fun Facts about my 12 Year Old:

1. She's 12 today at 12:28 am.

2. She LOVES to play soccer.

3. She can't get enough of BBQ ribs.

4. Duck Dynasty is her favorite TV show.

5. She has a new-found love of acting.

6. She went skiing for the first time in February and LOVED it.

7. She has traveled to 15 different states by plane, train, & automobile.

8. The first (and only) boy band she ever loved was The Wiggles.

9. Liverpool FC is her favorite team (and sport) to watch. 

10. She desperately wants a dog for her birthday. 

11. She goes through books like they are water.

12. She has a kind, giving, generous, servant heart and we love her to pieces!

Happy 12th Birthday Morganne Elisabeth!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Favorite Quote

Saturday, May 4: favorite quote and why you love it.

5 years ago, a dear friend gave me a sign with the following quote on it. She told me I lived this quote to the fullest:

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.”
― Erma Bombeck

I put my all into everything I try, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but at least I try. As long as God keeps inspiring me, I will keep on trying!

Friday, May 3, 2013

That Makes Me Uncomfortable

Friday, May 3: Things that make you uncomfortable

That's easy:

Feet - other peoples feet are disgusting.  Don't show them to me, don't touch me with them, and stop for God's sake, STOP posting pictures of your feet online. UGH.

Dry Skin - especially when you get out of a pool or salty water.

Snakes - Don't know whey we even need them.  Get rid of them all thank you.

When my iPhone battery is low.

The minute before you are about to speak in front of a new crowd of strangers.

My daughter growing up.

Having a to do list that never seems to get completed. Now were getting personal.....

Not having my summer planned as much as I would like it to be.

Iced circus cookies.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Plan the Best Summer You Can {Day 2}

Here we go - Day #2

Thursday, May 2: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at.

I think I'm a know it all - I like to talk and teach.  I could tell someone where to take their kids in Texas, how to plan a Disney vacation, why living in Austin is so much better than Dallas, how to run a PTA meeting, how to teach kids to pray, why Zyrtec is far superior than Claritin or Allegra and on and on and on.

Yet when someone asks me to educate them on something I know a lot about, my mind goes completely blank.

So here goes what is top of mind 24/7 - planning the best summer you can.

This summer, I encourage you to sit down with your family and plan out the fun you want to have.

Where does everyone want to go on vacation?  Let's decide as a family.

What kind of things do we want to do and accomplish this summer?  Brainstorm and come up with a list.

Look to add in things you can do in the city you live in.  What have you always wanted to try but never did?  What kind of fun activities can we do at home that you have always wanted to do?

Some of the most fun things we did last summer required little to no money at all:
Movie Day
Ice Cream for dinner
Built a fort out of pillows
Masking Tape racetrack
Find 5 new sprinkler parks/swimming pools in our area
Stay up real late playing games

We also planned a ton of fun day trips to places all over Texas - from Brenham to see Blue Bell Ice Cream factory to SpaceCenter in Houston to the Tower of Americas in San Antonio.

We put our giant summer "TO DO" list on a poster board in the kitchen and crossed off everything we did.  We didn't finish it all (had to leave stuff for this summer) but we never had a day of "I'm bored.  What should we do?"

It was a busy summer but it was a fun summer.  And I can't wait to do it all over again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Life Story {in 250 words?!?}

It has been too long since I have consistently blogged over here.  When you "professionally" (I use this term loosely) blog at 2 places and free lance at 3 others, it seems the last thing you want to do is write for yourself.
Even though it is the easiest and most rewarding. 
So I am going to attempt to blog every day in May.  Just write and get back into doing what I loved. 
May 1st - Your life story in 250 words.

I was born in Austin, Texas and by the time I was 18, I had lived in 22 different homes and attended 13 different schools.  So the question I always get is, "Were your parents in the military?"
"No.  They were gypsy - wannabes."
In all seriousness, all that moving made me who I am today.  I am confident, outgoing, head-strong, and LOVE change.  Had I not been forced to constantly make new friends, I would never have learned how to speak my mind in a room full of strangers.  Had I not lived in 3 different states as a child, I never would have discovered my passion for travel.  Had I not graduated high school in Nevada, I never would have met my husband.
I married my sweetheart when I was 21.  We will celebrate 18 years this summer.  We have 3 amazing children who are the light of our lives.  Our days are filled with homework, soccer, traveling, bickering (they are pre-teen siblings after all) and struggling with what to cook for dinner......and I wouldn't change it for the world.
I worked full-time in the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years, working hard to climb up the corporate ladder, thinking I was in it forever.  Then God made a BIG change in my life ~ I was laid off with 30,000 of my closest friends ~ and I was afforded the time to be a "SAHM" - something I thought I'd never be.  And I love it.  It has given me the time to raise my little man, volunteer at the kids' school, and start writing (remember, I "blog professionally").  
I turn 40 in eight months.  I am so very happy with my life and so very blessed to be able to say that.  ANd though I have accomplished much in my first 40 - Great marriage, 3 kids, own my own business, been on a reality TV show (seriously), and have tons of amazing friends and family -  I have even BIGGER goals for the next 40.

Bring it on.

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