Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Best Park

There is a really amazing park that opened up last Spring here in Round Rock - it's called the Play For All Abilities Park.
It's a park that is for kids of all abilities - mobile, mental, maturity - everyone has something they can with play here.
Not to mention, it's a really FUN park!
One area is made up of businesses and streets - you can bring your own riding toys and drive up & down them.

There are so many little facets and interesting gadgets to play with.  There is even a sensory board to learn opposites, touch & feel, and sizes.

You can make your own music at one section of the park.
And there is a lot of shade at a wooded area of the park.

It is a really amazing place to take the kids - Bubba LOVES going here. It's his sized "amusement park".  The whole place is fenced in too, so he can run free!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Coach Matt

Matt has been Sis's soccer coach for 7 years.  I can't remember exactly how he "lucked" into coaching, but I think it had something to do with "needing a volunteer".  So he stepped up.  Can you imagine the kind of patience it takes to coach a group of 4 year old girls who'd rather be picking flowers??  But he did it and loved it.

And when we moved to Round Rock, he was able to continue coaching, though every year it became harder for him to coach - he wanted to see progression and seriousness...and some of the girls still wanted to "pick flowers".
But he had a group of girls who really listened to and respected "Coach Matt".  Some of these girls played soccer with him for years, so it was really hard for him to let it go.
Soccer gave him something he really enjoyed outside of work to focus on and he gave it 100%, coming up with creative practices, helping with the lights on the fields, and really being passionate about the games.  Sometimes a little too passionate for my sake.
But the best thing Matt got out of his time coaching was an incredible bond with his daughter.  They speak a language that I don't understand - they watch games together - they have inside jokes together - and I am so happy they have that relationship.  Soccer has been a great thing for both Matt & Sis.  And even thought he may not be her coach on the field anymore, he will always be her Dad.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Last Game

This Spring, Sissy had her last game of the season with her long-standing team she has been on since 2008.
Most of these girls have moved with us as we moved from rec soccer to Academy to Select this year.
Matt has coached them and has been so very proud of how much they have accomplished.
I remember these sweet girls when they were tiny little 2nd graders chasing the ball up & down the field.  Now they are all moving on to middle school and they have awesome skills.
They have matured in their passion to play the game. It has been so fun watching them come together and play so well.

And I love seeing how much Sis has improved in the game.  She becomes someone else on the field.  She anticipates the ball, gets in front of it, blocks it, stops it...she amazes me.  And she becomes so aggressive when playing - knocks into other players to get to the ball and takes it away.  I love it.
She is also very passionate about winning - gets most upset when they lose and is so very hard on herself. I can't wait to see where soccer takes her.
These 4 cuties have played together since 2nd grade!!

As I mentioned, this was their last game to play together.  Matt is finished coaching.  And many of the girls are pursuing other interests.  We have decided to not continue on with the Hutto Gunners either.

In May, Sis started practicing with another Club, Lonestar, tried out for them in June, and made the A team!!! Woo-Hoo!  We are really excited as this starts a new chapter for her - Dad is not her coach, she is playing on a whole different level of soccer - more travel, greater commitment.  It is something that she clearly loves and is good at, so I am excited to see her grow.

Who knew this little 4 year old who loved to play soccer because she would get to hang out with her Dad would turn into this?

Monday, October 8, 2012

A McBeth Family Tradition

We don't get together enough with my father's side of the family.  Even thought we live fairly close, it's never enough.

So when we do, we go big - we go to Brunch at the Base!  Birthdays are celebrated at Randolph Air Force Base at the Officer's Club Sunday brunch.  We have been coming for years - it is a treat for everyone.  
Even the "kids table" enjoys it!!
The newest member of the family, Miss Elle, enjoyed it too!
My Grandparents are 90 & 85 years old this year.  I think we have a great looking family.
Grandma with all the Grandkids (5 plus 3 married) and Great Grandkids(4).
My Uncle Randy's kids & Grandkids.
The newly married couple.
Us. duh.
My Uncle David and his family.
Sissy is the oldest Great-Grandbaby of the family and is great with Elle.
And Ian is just fascinated with "Pa-Pa San Antonio".

The McBeth Family circa 2010.
Bruch at the Base in 2006.

Brunch at the Base started many many years ago and is a treasured tradition for us all to get together.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Easter 2012 - Yes, I know it's October.

Um, yes, you read that right - I am doing a post on Easter in October. I had all the pictures loaded but never actually posted them - so here goes.

Let's just hope I can remember what we did for Easter.....

Oh yes, the Easter Bunny came and left a bunch of eggs in our front yard this year.  This was weird, since he normally leaves them inside the house.....
This crew was excited nonetheless, but had barely any time to "hunt" as we had to get to Church.
My sweet 11 year old girl!
My boy who rarely smiles - this one borders on a genuine one though!
And this little man - off in a world of his own making.

And the hunt is on!

Ok -- I know that was overload, but I couldn't bring myself to delete even ONE picture.  I can't with a subject that cute!!

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