Friday, July 31, 2009

Purple Praisers!!

As a special addition this week, Morganne & ChellBell will tell us all about their time at Camp!! Take it away girls!!

Morganne: When we first saw the campsite and the cabins, it was real cool. Especially when we saw the Blob, but we couldn't do it because it is only for fifth graders.
ChellBell: Is it true that if you step on a catfish fin, it can cut your foot open? Cause there were catfish in the lake. Now say Catfish fin's fun.
M: Mud Dodge Ball was my favorite thing to do at camp because we got to wear our swimsuits and get really muddy.
CB: Especially Aaron, one of the counselors, he had mud all over him...on his face, his hair, his clothes...gross!!
CB: Definitely jumping off the diving board was my favorite.
M: The food was delicious! We had fajitas, omelets, hamburgers, candy bars, water. They didn't let us have soda though.
CB: I liked watching people get slimed...especially April Showers and I also liked the crackers and seaweed the counselors had to eat. (me- from what I can gather, this was during the skits at worship time)
CB: We did not like washing off the mud though- it was so cold!!
M: We sang & danced at praise and worship time. And we heard stories from the Bible- like little Joey (Joseph) & Elijiah & Elisha.
CB: The Purple Praisers was the name of our team- we almost won the camp trophy cause April Showers kept giving us points!
M: Yeah, but at the end of camp she gave the trophy to a boys team...I don't get it??
M: I really think we should go back to camp next year!
CB: Me too!!
M: I had a great time at camp- I met lots of new friends!
CB: The best thing that happened at camp- when we got to go t the concessions stand- I got 4 sweet tarts! They were so sour, I couldn't say my "ssss" for a long time ... tour... tour... tour...

...and they are off to go play.....

These girls had a FANTASTIC time at camp. When I picked them up yesterday, it was chatter, chatter, chatter NON-STOP all the way home. I heard about the mud dodge ball, lamp chops for dinner (huh??), sleeping in bunk beds, what girls were really nice, how they almost won the camp trophy.
One special thing that happened.....Morganne told me on the way home that God had spoken to her...he told her to dance whenever she felt like it and don't worry about what other people think! Wow! What a big concept for such a little girl. What made it even mo re cool was when Jack asked her, "You mean you actually heard God's voice?" Her reply was, "You hear him speak to you in your heart Jack. He spoke to me there and I heard him!" WOW!!
I am thrilled that the girls had the opportunity to go to camp together! Looks like they survivied and can't wait to go back next year!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Good to be Me!

You know how when you get to be married for many years, anniversaries just don't seem to have that certain "pizazz" as they did when you first got married?? Don't get me wrong, I love my honey, but when July 29 comes around, a few days before the conversation always goes something like this:

Matt: "So, what do you want for our anniversary?"
Me: "I don't know. Just don't get me anything." (and my eyes are saying, "You better get me something special to commemorate our years of marriage and it better not be flowers cause they die, and it better not be expensive cause we don't need to be wasting money, but it better get recognized!!!")
Matt: "Well, do you want to do?"
Me: "I don't know. What do you want to do?" (and again,"Come on! Can't you think of something creative and special???")

And of course the conversation happened again this year, only my hubby had a plan!!!

Last night, we celebrated 14 years on the edge of Lake Travis at the
Oasis Resturant. This place is known for it's fantastic sunsets over Lake Travis.
Take a look:

And even though our 2 sweet boys were with us for dinner, we had a fantastic time!

Today, he surprised me once more with 14 gift cards!!!! And you are now saying, "What? Gift cards?" Let me tell you ladies, I love gift cards- it's like free money to me!! Yes, I know that the $$$ to purchase the cards came out of my bank account, but it sure doesn't seem that way when I am spending them!!

Look, there's one to my favorite place to buy a bottle of wine (Spec's), Target, iTunes......
My favorite sandwich shop, 2 bookstores, Old Navy, and Chuy's!! Yipee!

I am super thrilled with my hubby's creativity here and think it was a fantastic idea!! I love it....can't wait for 50 gift cards on our 50th!! hee...hee...

P.S. The girls are back from camp and were chattering non-stop all afternoon about it!! Join us tomorrow as they blog about it!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

14 Years

1 Super Cute Guy & 1 Nerdy Girl got together 14 years ago and began a crazy life together

We took some amazing trips....

We had a few adorable babies....

We built our own little castle....

and have found love every step of the way!

Happy 14th Anniversary Matthew Darling!
I love you!

Monday, July 27, 2009


She's off! My little girl took her first step into independence today. And I haven't felt this way since leaving her for kindergarden! Morganne is off for a week at church camp (well, actually 4 days and 3 nights- we are "easing" into it). Last March, when they began advertsing camp at church, I didn't think it would be that big of a deal to let her go, but today, as the busses pulled out of the parking lot with 300+ kiddos on them, the lump in my throat told me otherwise.

Morganne is also very blessed to be attending camp with her dearest childhood friend, ChellBell. They spent this last weekend gabbing about what the cabins would look like, how many times will they get to go swimming, will they offer "cheer" as an activity.... They were adorable as they prepared for this major milestone (or atleast the momma's think so!).

Are ya'll ready for camp???

Just a little bit of the excitement these girls had!!

One last kiss goodbye momma, and then you gotta go!

She is now waving me away and I can see her mouthing, "enough mom!!"

Have a great time at camp sweet girl! We will miss you!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Daddy & his Boy

Why are daddies so cool? In our house, my boys idolize their Daddy. And Ian is no exception. Who made Ian smile for the first time? Daddy Who made Ian coo and giggle for the first time? Daddy And what will Ian's first word most likely be? Oh yeah, Daddy.
But you know, I really don't mind it at all. There is something so special about seeing your hubby with your newborn. All inhibitions go out the window and they get caught making silly faces and adorable cooing noises. And pictures like this just melt my heart:

Like I mentioned previously, Matt was able to get our precious to smile first. In fact, several times, Ian would be smiling away at his Daddy and as soon as I walked into his line of sight, his smiles fade away as he just watches me. As if I disturbed his "daddy time". Or he wanted to eat.....
Take a look at the "daddy time" I caught this week:

My boys are super sweet- and this sweet time will always be special to me.

P.S. Did ya catch the adorable tie onesie that my sweet friends Xazmin and Tanielle made me when Ian was born? They own Ribbon Blossoms Chic Boutique and have loads of cute gifts for kids.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A 50 States Challenge Update

As many of you know, my kids and I are participating in a challenge this summer- A 50 States Challenge- where we are attempting to collect a postcard from each state. We are learning where all the states are and some neat facts about each one too. I have been overwhelmed with how much help we have received with our challenge- many of my bloggy friends and facebook friends are reaching out to friends and family in other states to help with our challenge!! With less than a month an a half left to reach our goal, we are well on our way to achieve it!!

Our tally so far (drum roll please...):

62 postcards
29 states!!

Our map appears to be covered pretty well. I was most concerned about getting many of the eastern states, but a sweet friend in Chicago went on a road trip and sent us 13 postcards from her travels!! Thanks Austin & Ashley!!
It is so very cool to me that we have received 62 postcards from all over this country!!!
This would not have been possible without the help of so many of my bloggy & facebook friends that have reached out and sent us postcards. Thank you so much!! Maybe you see yours' in the pile!

The furthest distance a postcard traveled to us: Alaska
And the closest one traveled: My sweet state of Texas
Our sweet Chicago friends also sent us a great puzzle to tackle once our challenge is complete:
But the challenge is not over yet!! I still need your help! We are in need of a postcard from the following 21 states to meet our goal. If you live in one of these states, are traveling to, or know someone who lives there, won't you please send us a card? Also, we are trying to see where we get the most cards from (so far, Alaska is winning- go figure!), most unusual shaped card, etc. so even if we already have a state you are from, we would still like to get a card from you!! Please help us out!
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

Thanks my friends for all of your help!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

60 days already??

It is amazing to me how quickly time has passed by. My sweet baby boy is already 2 months old. That means I have had 60 sleepless nights, changed 300+ diapers, done twice as much laundry as I did before he arrived, and most importantly, had 1440 hours of loving on my adorable boy. And look at how much he has changed in 2 months!!

He went from my 10-lb chubby-cheeked bubba to a long and lean kickin' machine!! He is holding that head up strong, starting to coo and smile at his Daddy (only Matt can get this out of him so far!!) and loves to lay on his back and kick like he is riding a bike. He is so very close to turning over on his tummy. He arches his back up and tries to kick his leg over, but not yet!! We still have some work to do on sleeping habits but honestly, getting up once a night is not so bad anymore, I just wish he would remain consistent each night. That's the killer!!

Last week, we received the best gift in the mail from Julie at Shabbywears. Julie and i met last Spring and had a mutual love of the Texas Hill Country- only she gets to live there!! Her faith is strong and I have enjoyed getting to know her through the bloggy world. And even though we have never met, she made us a gift for sweet Ian. She had been working on the blanket for my little guy since before he was born. The below pictures do not do this justice- it is so incredibly soft and gorgeous. You can tell it was made with love- and Ian enjoys laying on it.

Julie also sent along a handmade necklace, bracelet, and earring set for the new momma!!! It is exquisite. Julie, thank you so much for loving on my family!! I do hope we can meet in person one day as well!

Happy 2 month old birthday little man!!
now let's work on sleeping through the night......

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation...all I ever wanted...

I love vacations. Let me say that again...I LOVE VACATIONS!!! And my hubby & I have had our fair share of fantastic vacations. That is why I was so excited to see the topic for Friend Makin' Monday was all about these little get-a-ways that we never seem to get enough of.
This week, Jolanthe from No Ordinary Moments is hosting FMM - in for Kasey, who is still trekking across North America with her family. The questions asked this week is as follows:

1. Tell us your best (or worst) vacations you ever took.

Matt & I have been very blessed to have traveled to many incredible locations, but my absolute favorite was a trip we took 2 summers ago on a Mediterranean cruise. We began in Nice, France and ended in Rome, Italy. We had never traveled to Europe before, so this was an adventure for both of us.
This is the port where we boarded our ship in Nice. The tiny ship in the photo is similar to the one we were on. Nice was a fun French town where we enjoyed shopping and french wine. :)

Day 2 was a stop in St. Tropez where we visited ruins of a 17th century village, a winery, and shopping. This was a very busy, fast-paced city.
Day 3 was spent in Portofino, Italy- one of the most romantic spots I have ever been to- this sleepy little village attracts many yachts. We sat on a patio enjoying Italian wine. It was wonderful.
Day 4 found us in Florence, Italy. I had read a fantastic book about Michelangelo's life before the trip, so I was ecstatic to see some of his works all over this city, including The David, which is indoors and much larger that I thought it would be. It was incredible to see actual works that I had read about. To know that Michelangelo's hands had actually created this masterpiece. The above pic is a replica in a square where we had the most amazing Italian pizza and gelato.
Our last stop was in Rome, Italy. We had a busy day that started at the Colosseum and ended at The Vatican. Again, a most incredible day, seeing the amazing history of this city (and we think the good ole' US has history!).
In St. Peter's Square.
The highlight of our trip was a private viewing of the Sistine Chapel. Yes, these are pictures we took while there. (Before you freak out, they allowed us as long as our flashes were off.) But honestly, the pictures do not do it justice. There is such an overwhelming feeling of awe to see this in person- I recommend it to everyone!
As I had mentioned, I read all about Michelangelo before the trip, which included his painting of the Sistine Chapel. He was a sculptor by trade, not a painter. But the Pope at the time hired him (really bribed him) to paint the ceiling of the chapel in exchange for the rights to develop and build St. Peter's Basilica. And he stood upright with his head pointed upward for 7 years painting the ceiling. And it is a masterpiece. The above picture is the wall behind the alter that he also painted several years later. All of it is breathtaking.

Bet ya didn't expect a history lesson with my post huh??

Have a great week everyone!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Little Mommy

I am so blessed to have the biggest little helper any momma could ever want. And any baby brother could need!!!

Missy Moo loves to help out with Ian. And she loves to hold him. What Big Sissy wouldn't?

I mean these guys are two peas in a pod.

She tells him all "big sister" stuff, like how she will teach him to read someday, and how fun it will be to play soccer with him someday, and how she's better than Jack..... (ooopps, she knows better!!)

He makes her laugh out loud at all the burps and toots he makes!

And she even learned to pick him up thanks to Aunt Ginger teaching her the right way.

Now I find her constantly "rescuing" him when ever she hears him make the slightest peep.

It makes my heart go warm to see how much she loves her baby brother. I gotta soak it up while I can, 'cause I'm sure once she is a teenager and he is buggin' all her friends, I won't see that same kind of admiration. Right Sissy?

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