Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like a Pinterest Christmas....

Pinterest.  Ah, what a time suck you are....but wow, have I been inspired!  Cookies, crafts, decorating ideas, dinner.....you had me at hello.  The hours & hours I have spent pouring over your boards and pinning all these great ideas...oy!

And when I actually followed through with the stuff I pinned, I was amazed.  Maybe you can make a "susie-homemaker" out of me yet.

Here are a few of the inspirations that got me going this holiday season..... Instagram style (another fun fun app that I love!)
 My kids and I put this together last weekend - I HUGE PUFFY HEART love it.  I found a way to incorporate everyone in the family.  The bottom 2 fingerprints are mine & Matt's. Inspiration found here.
 I have always wanted to hang wreaths up in my windows, so this year I did - and you know what?  It wasn't that hard or that time consuming like I had assumed it would be.
 Inspired by this.  I have used "Joy" all over my home this year.  I love the way it turned out - again, so easy to make.
 I loved the look of these wrapped french doors seen here. Mine didn't quite turn out as I had hoped, but it adds a fun element of color & Christmas to my front entry way.
 All the inspiration got me to think on my own too - what??  How ya like my Christmas balls I found at the Christmas Affair?  They are hanging from my entry way chandelier.
And in my dining room, I actually put this together on my own.  Vivienne will be proud.  Better be proud....

On top of all the fun decorating, I have been trying a few dinner recipes I have found - all getting the big thumbs up from my hubby.  2 really yummy ones:

Mexican Stuffed Shells found here:
 and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken found here:

And there are some amazing cookies & desserts I am trying this week.  SO much good stuff!

So the verdict on Pinterest? If you don't want to get sucked into something of hours at a time, don't sign up.

But if you want creative ways to store hot wheels cars, dinner inspiration, how to tie your scarves a new way, an easy discipline method, and so on.....dive right in head first!  I'll even invite ya to join! And if I am not yet following your boards, let me know - I want to see what is inspiring you!

I'm sharing this post over at Shawn & Impulsive Addict's Talk to us Tuesday.  JOin in the fun with a post about ANYTHING you want to talk about - look at me, I wrote an entire post on Pinterest and y'all read it!! :))

Seriously Shawn


Connie said...

I love pinterest!!!

And I really need to try that Hawaiian Chicken!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

i LOVE pinterest!!!

Jill said...

I was spending too much time on Pinterest, so I've been avoiding it lately...but those ideas are awesome! The stuffed shells sound delish!!

Urban Earthworm said...

I'm also a total "PinHead." There are a whole bunch of things I never would have thought to try without it. There are also about 6 million things I've repinned that I will STILL never try ;-)

I especially love your dining room decorations.

Macey said...

I need to do a handprint tree like that...what a great keepsake for the Christmases to come!

Nicole said...

Ok first off, I love all the windows in what I assume to be a living room (with the Christmas tree). And that center piece is amazing!

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

I'm quite addicted to pinterest!! Its awesome!! I need to post my ornament ball!! I love the joy throughout your house!! and of course the hand print art!!

Stacie said...

I've been holding off, but you may have talked me into jumping on the wagon!

Shawn said...

YOur tree is gorgeous and I love all of your crafts, I'm so glad you decided not to give up on being crafty! I love the handprint tree, soon enough those little hands will be adult size, that is a perfect way to make sure you'll always remember them little.

I love Pinterest! So far I have been able to control my addiction and only go on it a few nights a week.

May your Christmas be merry and bright my friend!

Kelli said...

Maybe for the new year I'll get on Pinterest! I love the JOY...it was the theme of my cards this year. Yes, Vivienne will be very proud :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I talked to Vivienne just the other day... she is super proud of you. She even repinned a couple of the ideas you had here because she wants to try them next year.
(Gee, writing in third person is tough.)
Love it all!

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