Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday: My Thoughts - Pull Up a Chair

Today is Tuesday...time for some girl talk with my besties, Shawn & Impulsive with:

Seriously Shawn

And I have a bunch of "stuff" on my mind:

- First off, HALLELUJAH it is chilly here this morning - it's October 18th for goodness sakes - enough with the 90's!!! 

- I upgraded my OS on my iPhone this weekend - I LOVE IT - I love change so it's fun to me.  Although I did spend 3 HOURS playing with ringtones and notification tones (Star Wars & Halloween Tones y'all!!).  I changed all my notification tones and now I am majorly confused as to if I am getting an email, a tweet, or it's my turn with Dice with Friends......

- And on that note, I HIGHLY recommend that you put a song that makes you happy as your ringtone.  I have Selena Gomez's "Love You Like a Love Song" and every time it rings, I stop what I am doing and dance a little before answering the phone.  It makes me immensely happy no matter what kind of a day I am having.

- My 10 year old daughter rolls her eyes when ever she hears that song - she is so NOT into that scene - Selena Gomez - Justin Bieber - Taylor Swift crowd. What would she rather listen to?  Foster the People - yep.  And yes, I know the lyrics of the song about the gun - she has no clue what it means - she just likes the beat.  Don't judge me and my cool girl's taste in music (I knew ALL the words to Grease and had NO IDEA what they meant.)

- I still have not bought Halloween Costumes for my kids - YIKES - I just know the stores will be sold out of everything!!  I wanted the 3 to go as something together - like Bubba as Buzz Lightyear, Sissy as Jessie, and Brody as an Army guy.  I was shot down. Something about "baby costumes...."

- I am a BIG advocate of the PTA - I have been a part of it since we moved here in 2008 and in 2 years time, was quickly "promoted" to the PTA President (which is not that big of a deal Connie - trust me).  I am just a big coordinator - I coordinate meetings, I coordinate communications via various social media outlets, I coordinate that all the "functions" of PTA run smoothly.  It is a perfect job for me - being that I am not working, this fills that need.
  But this past week, it became a thankless job - we have been working so very hard to make a "big" purchase for our school - one that is exciting and fun.  When we went to vote on it last week, we were blind-sighted - a group of teachers and parents shots holes all in it and it was voted down.
  Now, I am not at all upset that the purchase was voted down, just the way it was handled - it felt very sneaky and clic-ish.  And I found out yesterday that the same group is planning more of the same.  Can't we just talk about it as adults?  It seems so silly to me. 

- Does anyone do the "Boo" thing on their street?  So cute.  We got booed on Wednesday.  You are supposed to boo 2 more people in 2 days.  We failed.  We are never home in the evenings until 8:30 - and this weekend was shot.  Oh well - we'll get there.

- Have you heard of "Lip Dubbing"? I am sure you have, as it's been around for a few years (apparently) and I'm the last to know.  Last Friday I saw a post on Facebook about it and all of a sudden 2 hours of my life were gone.

It is totally cool - lipsyncing a song in one take - but the below one is by far the coolest one I have seen.  

Go grab a cup of coffee (or a diet coke) and watch it - you can thank me later.

- And lastly FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - will someone please visit my sister blog R We There Yet Mom? and enter to win some Eco Lips lip balm???  Why can't I get any freakin traffic on this blog??  Is it just not interesting?  Come on - tell me the truth - I can take it!

***3 pm addition....yikes- could I whine a little more??  This PTA thing has gotten me all wound up.....sorry friends.....

Just another Tuesday sharing my thoughts with my friends!


Connie said...

First off....Keith's High School (the one where I sent the rogue clown the other day) Started the lip dub thing.


Connie said...

I love the new iOS too. Now I just need that lovely white phone with a person assistant to tell me to take naps.

I made my ring tone Love You Like A Love Song because you did it. :)

I'm sad that your PTA members are doing this. Why can't we all just get along?

I don't have any answers for you on your travel blog. :(

Johanson Family said...

What a fun video! Creative!! WOW!
I can't imagine being in the PTA.. that has to be tough-- so many parents with so many different opinions.. eek!
I'm enjoying the early years for Halloween when I get to pick the kids outfits.. and I've never been booed but sounds fun- guess I'll need to google it. I'm sorry I've not linked up with you more than once on your other blog. I've sortof sucked at blogging and blog hopping since I've been on maternity leave. Seems that link parties are tough to get started.. I tried one myself and felt like throwing in the towel.. just stick with it... can you comment on blogs using something that will link people back to that one instead of your main blog so that more people see it?

MiMi said...

Wait. Explain to me what this "boo" thing is. We are so lame here.

Impulsive Addict said...

Yes! I love the cool weather outside today! Woo hoo!

My ring tone song makes me dance a little bit too before answering! Love that!

I kinda like Pumped Up Kicks too. I know it's bad and wrong but it's gotta good beat.

I think your whole neighborhood is cliquish too. I hate that for you. I've never had to deal with that in my schools. We all got along and the PTA were our besties!

We did Boo with our teachers but I haven't seen it done in the neighborhoods before. That would be fun!

No, I haven't heard of lib dubbing but I watched it and now I'm confused. Was it backwards? And how come their lips weren't singing the same lyrics? It was cool but weird!

I try to get over to your sister blog as often as possible. I even put it on my sidebar! I'll go check out your giveaway. And NO I don't thnk it's uninteresting. It's just new. It takes time, Becca. People will LOVE it when they find it!

Shawn said...

My ring tone is Pink. You Are Perfect, I love, love that song. For my Austin Girls it's Pink, Raise Your Glass!

I love the new changes too but my camera has acted funny since the download. I think I just need to get rid of my 3G and go for the new 4G!

A local high school did a great lip-dub to Hey, Teachers, it was the best one I've seen!

I love your sister blog, give it time it will happen.

Have a great day and if it will make you feel better go TP the houses of those nasty PTA people, if I lived close I'd help you!

Nadine Hightower said...

I raised my girls on van halen and zztop so they are normal kids.

sugary pop music just doesn't cut it.

sarajo said...

I love that song! But my rington is the intro to Stylo by The Gorillaz.

Boo on the PTA! At our last parent club meeting, I guess the teacher thought it was "negative" so the board has to go into a principals meeting on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to that.

No booing here. But, I do live in apartments. Although, our church does "heart" attacks. Same thing, only with hearts, and it's on Valentine's Day.

Amber said...

I love that Selena Gomez song, I'm such a junkie for cheesy pop music!

I don't know what kind of costumes you're looking for but if you've got a KMart near you I suggest going. They're on sale 40% off right now and my Kmart had sooooo many stuffed on their racks that I actually got frustrated going through them, haha

Bummer about the PTA thing - politics in schools between all the different parties (teachers, parents, administration) can be a nightmare. FYI Connie will be the PTA president of all PTAs some day...you'll probably be the one to hand the job over to her. :)

Anonymous said...

I also got the IOS update! :)

If I didn't hate my son's school with a passion, I might be interested in the PTA. Maybe you could come down here and get things in order?

What's this "Boo" thing you speak of? I'm intrigued!

Off to enter your giveaway now.

Stacie said...

I'm with you on Selena, but I can't take much more Pumped Up Kicks!

Myya said...

I just watched Justin Bieber Never Say Never, I liked it! Luckily my girls are little & they thought it was pretty great too. My girls also sing Pumped Up Kicks, they love it as well.

I hope the that group can figure out how to be adults & deal with the PTA properly.

The Boo thing? Tell me more, I'm curious.

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