Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy Fans: Let's be clear- I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I get a wee bit excited to meet a celebrity.  Just a tiny bit.  Chris Tomlin anyone?

And after meeting Rob Lowe in NYC recently, I thought my weekend in the Big Apple had been fulfilled.

I mean, I can't post this picture enough right?

We were both at the Book of Mormon and he brushed my shoulder...yes brushed it (have I told this story already?  Yes?  Oh well, here it is again).  Anyways, the ladies in the picture ran up to him to take their picture and I was standing right next to him fumbling with my phone to take a pic - I looked at him and asked if I could take a picture and he winked at me - WINKED AT ME! - did you catch that he is looking right at me in the pic????

I immediately texted Matt to tell him I had a new crush and he had competition.

While we had a fun girls weekend in the big city, the main reason we went was to attend a charity event celebrating All My Children and the end of the show.  AMC has had a central place in our lives for YEARS.  My Mom & Aunt watched it from the very beginning, bringing myself and my cousin into the fold when we were old enough.

So when my Aunt heard about the event hosted by Ricky Paull Goldin (aka "Jake"), she grabbed tickets.  We were all so excited to head to a "private event hosted by several actors from the show."  uh-huh.

We showed up at a club on the upper West Side - Prohibition - where we were shocked to see a line wrapped around the building - they were handing our wristbands to get in.

Once we got in, we saw this:
Standing Room Only y'all.  The whole time.
We were very excited to see Alicia Minshew (Kendall - Erica's Daughter) and Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake Martin) and a few other actors.  It was exciting to see these performers you have watched on tv daily in real life.
Alicia is funny, gracious, beautiful, and tiny!
But the crowding was out of hand.  According to some of "Lish's Fans" this event was much crazier than usual.  After attending an event like this, I am likely to never go to one again.  The actors tried to "mingle" with the guests but all they ended up doing was getting crowded and pushed - I stood patiently in line to meet Alicia, however many ladies pushed in front of me to get to her.
Generally, you'd expect everyone to patiently wait their turn to see her. Nope - it was push and shove to get to her as soon as possible - manners went out the window.
After 20 minutes of not getting any closer, I gave up.  We visited with the girl who has played the 7th Bianca:
She was very fun to talk to - her boyfriend lives in Dallas, so we chatted with him.

One thing I did enjoy was watching all the crazy fans - the actors were so very gracious to these nutjobs:
I have never seen more appliqued t-shirts and jackets in my life:

What made me laugh the most?


These ladies brought the most crazy gifts to Alicia.  She received fancy lace dresses, shoes, crocheted blankets and dresses, and toys for her daughter.

Huh?  I didn't even know she had a daughter.  What kind of a fan am I??

One lady even bought her an American Girl Doll!!!  I was so aghast, I had to take a pic of it - here is the hired security holding the doll.  Bet he didn't expect to be working THAT hard that day.

The event ended with an auction. An Erica Cane Clutch anyone?

Or how about a piece of cake?
Looking back, I laugh at the silliness of it all.  I enjoy watching the show but I am not going to go all ga-ga over the actors.  As my sweet friend Viv reminds me, these are all just "regular people." Their job just puts them on tv.

It was a neat way to commemorate the ending of an era in our lives - and we have plenty of funny stories from it.

But just don't call me one of those "crazy fans" - ever.


MiMi said...

I wanna be famous so I can get gifts! That's all I see....GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS!!! Yes, I AM 7. Why do you ask? lol

Kelli said...

Gifts???? That's pretty deep. Still a pretty cool event to be able to attend. I loved AMC (though I had to stop watching because I had begun to watch TOO many soaps)...sorry to see it go.

Colleen said...

HA! That sounds like fun. And I think you definitely fall short of crazy fan if you didn't bring a gift.

We won't even talk about my *NSync days . . .

Emmy said...

Yea definitely sounds like over kill and sone crazies there. Glad you aren't one of them. And that is Erica's daughter? Wow! Last time I watched the show her character was like nine.

Connie said...

I'm a big fan of Y&R....but I'm not THAT big of a fan!

Have you seen the new reality show on E called Dirty Soap?

Impulsive Addict said...

AMC has been my show for YEARS and I can't even imagine being that crazy! I like to think if I met someone famous IRL, that I would act very normal. But when I was pregnant, I met Barry Switzer. He came walking into my work. I flipped out (a little) but he totally took a pic with me and was very sweet to me as he left. Ahhhh. Good memory. =)

But I love that you got all those crazy pictures for us to see! Oh, and I LOVE Kindall. She's so pretty!

Boobies said...

I could handle the fame...even though it looks like the lack of my personal space would definitely be an issue!

Did you feel claustrophobic in there?

Shawn said...

I don't get all the hoop-la, probably because I watch little to no TV. The most important thing is the time you were able to spend with your family, I'm glad you had such a great time.

Oh and Rob Lowe is so very yummy! Have you read his book? I loved it!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Ugh. The funny thing, is that these fans forget that these people are ACTORS. They are acting happy to meet these crazy people. They are acting pleased to receive these crazy gifts. Then they go home and are like normal people, talking to their friends and family about the crazy people they met during their day.

They are normal people who have interesting jobs. The road to crazy forgets that part.

Glad you had fun in NYC though. Your tweets during were so funny!

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