Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 30

 Today was a special day in our family.  Morganne decided at Boot Camp earlier this month, that she wanted to get baptized.  So in church this morning, her youth pastor, Jacob, baptized her.

She told her story to everyone, saying that she felt happy to accept Christ into her heart when she was younger and felt like she understood things better.  But once we moved to the Round Rock area, as a family, we didn't find a church home, and fell away from regular worship - she was not connected.  As we started attending church at Hill Country Bible, she felt more and more connected and after Boot Camp wanted to make that public declaration.
Words can not express how proud of a moment this was for Matt and me.  Of course you are proud of your children's accomplishments - I LOVE watching her play soccer - but this was different.  She is making a mature decision that will effect her whole life.  I am so incredibly proud of her and admire her for doing this.  She is turning out to be a remarkable young lady.

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