Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 16

Happy Father's Day.  And we are in SeaWorld still......

Matt is at home with Ian - kinda a ho-hum day for them - they went to Ihop.  The older 2 and I got to watch the dolphins playfully jump around and splash everyone - ironically, The Beatles, "Here Comes the Sun" was playing - so touching.

So we rushed home after the conference and took Matt to a movie for Father's Day - Man of Steel.  Meh.  I was sentimental for the original.  But it was a great story, full of great actors, fun lines - it was just BUSY - exhausting watching them throw each other trough all the buildings!
And lucky for us, with my parents living here now, we can easily meet them for dinner.  TORCHY's -YUM!!

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