Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 22

 Morganne and a few of her teammates signed up for a 3v3 tournament to play at today.  Though the pictures make it look hot, it wasn't too bad. We were out at the fields all day - they played 4 games total and really had a fun time.
 The girls played with Ian in between games, which he loved.
 3v3 was a completely different ball game - it's not really a "position" game with only 3 girls on the field, so it was hard for them to let go of how they would normally play.  Some of the teams they played against were totally built for 3v3 -our girls, not so much.  But we totally had fun watching them play and it was great to get out and spend the day together.
We lost the first 3 games, but played the first team we played for the final game and ended up beating them - we came together in the end and looked really good! Totally a fun way to spend the day.
And after all that, a cool treat was in order!

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