Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 13

After a pretty busy Wednesday, Day 13 of summer was low-key.  The boys and I ran some errands - we went to the local toy store that we love where Jack picked up a Summer Bridge book to complete for the summer (I think he has done one day so far - and that's it).  We also grabbed some new travel games for the upcoming trip.

I have been working non-stop on our trip - reading as much as I can about each location we will be traveling to - I am so excited to do this trip.  I have been wanting to go somewhere different this summer and I want to show the kids all the amazing National Parks we have.  I want to take our time, see the sites, pull off the road when we want to = no agenda.  I hope we can keep it that way!

1 comment:

Angie said...

I absolutely love traveling too. I bet your trip is going to be a blast!

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