Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 25

Today Rock the Rock began in our city. Our church puts together kids camps around the city for anyone to come to and learn about Jesus.  It's pretty incredible, as it is run mainly by the youth in our church.  This was Morganne's first year and she loved it.
 The boys & I volunteered at a different camp then Sis was at and we all had a good time.
 My favorite part was seeing all these kids worship and tell the message each day.  It was great for Jack to see the boys especially proclaiming their love for Christ.  It was a really defining week for Jack as he didn't complain, he was ready each day to go and told me how much fun he had.
 And we have had such great weather, that we have spent most evenings on the patio.  Ian has such a love of swings but it is SO HARD to teach him how to swing himself.  We are working on it though!

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