Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 15

Today the kids and I were invited back to SeaWorld San Antonio for a blogging conference - AdventureCon.  Since I am a member of the Wildside Bloggers group for San Antonio, we were invited to participate and we thought it would be fun to spend 2 days at SeaWorld.

The conference was great - but the kids really enjoyed the free reign I gave them in the park (they had a cell phone - I'm not that relaxed....).
We had a HUGE chunk of time after lunch to play, so we chose to ride the Great White roller coaster.....FOUR times in a row.  Don't know what I was thinking.  I used to love roller coasters - and I still do, but they make me incredibly dizzy!!

The last time we went on it, we sat in the front row and it was incredible - probably the least motion sickness I felt - it was totally fun!
For one part of the conference, we walked around the park with the SeaWorld official photographer and he showed us all kinds of cool places to take pictures in the park.  Like the above one - totally my FAV shot I have ever taken at SeaWorld!
That evening, Grandma invited us over to have dinner with the family.  It was funny, as that morning, I made fun of Morganne wearing her elites with her Sperry shoes.  She of course got mad and took them off - pouted about it.  So that night, my cousins BOTH show up wearing this exact combo - it looks ridiculous, right???

On a sentimental note, my uncle cooked a 6 pound tenderloin that my grandfather had purchased just a few days before his death.  It was delicious - such a great cut and cooked perfectly.  There was such a sadness to the night, as it was the first meal we had as family without him.  Grandma said a lovely toast to my uncles about Father's Day and Aunt Mary said that she knew Grandpa was living on in the incredible children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren that were his legacy.  Sigh.

I sure miss him.  I keep thinking it will get easier and eventually my heart won't hurt when I think about it.  Cause it hasn't yet.

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