Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 20

Just a lazy day at home today - Morganne had one last day of basketball camp and I spent the day working on our upcoming 3 week Road Trip.  There is a TON of planning going into it - just trying to figure out where to go, where to stay - it's fun, but time consuming.  I can't wait for it to just get here already.

I did pop over to see Morganne play a few games - she impressed me - for never having played basketball, she was totally into it.  She wants to try out for the team at school this winter.  In Middle School here, they have 3 organized sports for girls that count towards "athletics" - volleyball, basketball, and track.  Unfortunately, soccer doesn't count towards it, but at least they do have a girls soccer team that she wants to try out for.  So next year, she will go out for basketball, track, and soccer - my busy girl.

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