Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 24

 Monday - week 4 of summer break - heading to the local water park - and this is the only picture I took.  Too busy chasing Ian around the place.  He has gotten braver and braver around water, but that frightens me, as I want to make sure he doesn't wander out too deep.  I try to work with him with swimming skills, but he won't listen to his mommy!!!
My favorite yogurt shop made this yogurt pie for us - called Candybar Madness - so rich and so good!
And I had to pop this cute picture in as well.  Ian slung his lovey over his shoulder and said, "Look mom, I'm just like Sissy."  The image is lost without the backstory - Morganne has had her lovey since she was a baby and walks around with it on her shoulder, so now Ian does the same.  Precious to a momma.

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