Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer 2013: Day 11

 We had a fun day exploring today.  I took the boys out to see some historic sites in Round Rock.  The Creekside Park is the site of the old bathing beach - in the 1920s and 30s, this was the place to swim - they even have a concrete slide you can still see - though we didn't.
 Just down the creek is the famous Round Rock.  Found along the Chisholm Trail in the 1800s, it's what our city was named for.
 You can walk along the creekbed just down from the round rock and still see the ruts from the wagon wheels in the rock.
 After we were hot from exploring, my sweet friend invited us over to swim in her gorgeous pool.  Jack did quite a few cannonballs that day.
 And of course, Momma did too!
This just sums up our summer so far - it's been fun - we have kept busy trying new things around the Austin area and we have been having a great time of it.  I miss Morganne.  Can't wait for her to be home in 3 days!!!

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