Monday, September 5, 2011

I Sent My Baby to School

Last week, I sent my baby to school.

Well, not really.

It's a 2 day a week Mother's Day Out.

That he likes to call "sk-ool".

So we go with it.

Remember how excited I was to send the other 2 off to school?  How I was questioning my motherly instincts when I was cheering that school had started?  Well,  I'm here to admit that I had a hard time with the baby.

It was hard to drop the baby off and leave him - I walked away with a HUGE lump in my throat.  And hearing him crying for "ma-MA!!" didn't help.  I got in the car and thought to myself, "now what do I do? "

So I ran to Academy, calling Matt and asking him if he needed me to get him anything? No?

hmm.... I guess I can go to the bank.

and then I'll run by Starbucks.  Just because I CAN.

Guess I'll head to the kids school and..... (you get the picture).

While I got a lot done, I felt like I was missing something all day.  As much as I complain that running errands with the baby is hard to do and takes me twice as long, I was lonely without my guy with me.
I showed up 20 minutes early to pick him up - that is HUGE - ask any of my friends - I'm L.A.T.E. to everything.  Of course they wouldn't let us pick up our kids until the bell officially rings.  He was excited to see me - ran right into my arms.

All is well - he had a super time - colored a picture.  ate a big lunch.  played on the playground. DID NOT take a nap (well, come on - he's still in a crib and now you want him to lay on a mat and sleep - that's freedom to him).

So why was it so easy to let the older two go but so very hard to leave him?  I guess I understand it now - he's my baby and it's hard to let him grow up - I know that this is only going to get worse when he starts kindergarten, so this is a great reminder to make the most of the time I have with him one-on-one.  And I will.......


Connie said...

Oh man! He looks so cute! And grown up.

It's hard letting go of the baby....

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

That is the cutest first day of school outfit *ever*

AndreaLeigh said...

omgosh, he is so big! i can't believe how much he looks like a little boy!

i know that was hard for you. cooper starts back to daycare next week and I know I'll have a hard time. Even though I've done it before, I still don't want to give up this precious time I've had at home with him.

Kelli said...

That lunch bag is as big as him!!!! He looks so handsome :)

Emmy said...

He is so cute! I think I am going to be the same way with my baby...just different as every stage they hit is kind of an end.

MiMi said...

I seriously dislike this post.
Why do they have to not only grow up, but do it so darn fast?!

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