Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Things to Smile About in September

Last month, I participated in Emmymom's Ten Things to Smile About and loved the forum it gave us to reflect on the past month.  I had a hard time in August narrowing down my list to 10 and the same happened this month.  Yet another reminder of how very blessed I am to have so many wonderful things to smile about in one month!

My Top 10 Things To Smile About in September:

1. Soccer!  It has begun!!
This year Sis is playing on a Select team
which means more practices and more travel but we love it.......
2. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks.....
Remember my hubby's obsession with Liverpool football?
 I thought I had scored by finding these haught Liverpool kicks.
 3. Moscow Mules with my sweet cousin
This yummy drink that hubby & I discovered last Spring was a top fav at the hotel bar in NYC.
Now the drink isn't what makes me's the company!
 4. Hello! Broadway!!!
Love me some Musicals - we saw 2 while in NYC this month.
BOM is pretty controversial, but I have never laughed so hard at a show before......
 5. Hello Mr. Lowe!
Guess who was watching the Book of Mormon with us?
AND happened to brush my shoulder?
AND winked at me when I asked to take his pic???
Wouldn't that make YOU smile??
 6. Why did we got to NYC?  To say farewell!
One highlight of our trip was to attend a charity event for the ending of a legendary soap opera, All My Children.  There is so much to tell about this event - it will come in a few days.
In the meantime, meeting this sweet actress in person made me smile (10 points for whoever knows her!)
Aww, who am I was all the CRAZIES at this event that made me smile (more to come)
7. Shit my Mom Said...
These 2 sisters (my Mom &my Aunt) make me smile.
After spend ing 5 days in NYC with them, I have  a book to write about all the crazy things they did or said (again, more to come)!!
8. Love me some trains momma!
We put a patio in (finally) and my little man is so happy to sit and watch the trains go by behind our house.  They are not constant, but on this particular day, we had a few - so he was out there soaking it up, waving away at the engineers, and even got a few bells & horns back!
 9. Yes, I do let them write on the walls.
While painting Brody's room, I had to paint over this little gem he scribed a few years ago.....
made me smile....
10. Italian food.
Good Italian food from Little Italy.
Twice in one weekend.

Despite the crazy, busy pace of September, it was a fantastic month! And I love looking back at all the little things that made me smile!


Elizabeth Fraijo said...

Now that looks like a fabulous month, my friend! And I'm sorry . . . Rob?! You lucky gal, you! Love all of the beautiful photos!

Amber said...

That pizza looks delish!

Sounds like a great month, and a super great trip to the city!

Connie said...

You had a great month! Lucky Girl!

Darling's said...

Can not wait to hear more about NYC!! What a fun trip!

Emmy said...

That looks like an awesome month! I have never been to NYC, would love to go. What a run celebrity sighting. Lucas would sit and watch trains all day too. That pizza looks awesome! Thank you so much for linking up, it means a lot

MiMi said...

You just have me even more excited to hear about all the fab stuff you did last month!!

Boobies said...

I'm officially jealous---both of your dynamic DNA AND you got to rub shoulders with Rob! Hubba!

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