Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The THIRTEENTH Week of Summer

Thirteenth Week of Summer!!!!
aka - the LAST WEEK of Summer!
(Aug 19th - Aug 26th)


It is so hard for me to believe that the summer is really over.  You know when it starts and you look ahead at the MANY weeks of sleeping in, fun times planned, and no school??? And then it all seems to fly by in a blur, and you are suddenly facing the beginning of a new school year??? 

Crazy fast - but we had an amazing summer, as you can see if you have been following along (see the links below).
We started off with BIG PLANS and a full bucket list for our summer.  We accomplished over 70% of of original list and added a lot of things that came up along the way.  I really liked brainstorming with the kids what they wanted to do and working in the fun.  We didn't finish watching all the Star Trek movies or get to 4 new splash pads, but now we have ideas of fun things to do when we find ourselves with a free weekend!
On the last week, we took a look at our list and I asked the kids - what are the things you want to do the most........
The first was to Explore UT - the University of Texas.  With school out for the summer, it was the perfect time.  We first visited the Texas Memorial Museum on campus.
And took a walk by the Alumni Center - Here sis is imitating the "student of the future".....
And we had to walk by the tower - we wanted to go up in it but tours are only allowed on the weekend. So it stays on our list for next summer......
UT is a gorgeous campus - and I loved showing the kids at such an early age what a University looks like...... 
Day 2 we did a little geocaching in our area.  We found 7 out of 9 - not bad.  And we enjoyed posing on the rock that "Round Rock" was named for.
The crazy group of kids did a ton together this summer, so it was only fitting that we spent the last week before school starting doing some fun things.
Day 3 took us skating - both my kids LOVE to skate and we have a great indoor rink that is pretty fun! Even Bubba enjoyed it!
Day 4 took us to an indoor trampoline park - so much fun!
And we created a backyard water park - complete with your sister bopping you on the head!!
That evening, we met our teachers on our annual "Welcome Walk" - since Sis is going into Middle School, 2 teachers from her school came by to officially welcome her and brought her a FUN sign! She was so excited!
And Brody got our FAVORITE teacher for 4th grade!!!!!!!  Mrs. H was Sis's teacher and she had the best experience she has had with school yet.  I know every child's experience is different, but I adore Mrs. H and love the way she teaches, so I couldn't be happier!!
 And on Friday, we had "Camp Wildcat" - a great introduction to Middle School for 6th graders.  They got a LONG tour, parents got to buy shirts, gym clothes, etc, and they got to decorate their lockers.  The new thing now is to have a locker chandelier and carpets!!!  I remember having to make my own signs and hand pictures of cute boys from Teen Beat!!  Luckily, Sis wasn't into light fixtures and shaggy rugs, but we did decorate it pretty cute!
 With the move to middle school, it was time to say goodbye to an era - the sticker MUST come off Sis!!

Thanks for keeping up with us all summer - I have really enjoyed capturing all our fun through Instagram!  


Anonymous said...

I think it's really cool you did that; I can';t wait until my kids are old enough to appreciate stuff like that.

Impulsive Addict said...

You guys were on the go all summer. I felt completely lazy reading about all your adventures and seeing pics on fb and instagram. Too bad I live in Hell. I love the idea of brainstorming places to go and see.

STOP IT. LIGHTS AND RUGS??? IN A LOCKER!? Oh lord. What next?

Thanks for linking up! It feels good to be out reading blogs again. I've been on a big long lazy break.

Julia P F said...

Wow I'm tired just looking! What a great summer!

MiMi said...

You guys probably have whiplash still from that busy summer!!

Emmy said...

I really am so impressed with all you did in the summer. It will be a summer the kids never forget

We have taken our kids to BYU campus, have to endoctrinate them young ;)

Chandiliers in lockers?? Crazy! Hope they all have a great school year

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