Thursday, August 30, 2012

The ELEVENTH Week of Summer

Eleventh Week of Summer!!!!
(Aug 5th - Aug 11th)

With our summer travels coming to a slow down, we had a pretty quiet 11th week of summer in the Darling House - a week we all needed.

We (I) decided to tackle the school supply list for the 2 olders - it took awhile and 3 stores, but we finally got it all.
 We did have one quick little media trip - Barton Creek Resort - I had always thought this place was too ritzy for kids but they invited me out to try it and it was beautiful. This is the view from my hotel room. How could you not love Austin and the Texas Hill Country with this gorgeous view???
 Part of our package included a "Bat Experience" in downtown Austin. They drove us to Congress Ave Bridge just in time to watch the bats emerge.  When we tried this several years ago, we had very few bats fly out.  Not the case this summer.
 I don't know if it was the humidity, the heat, the tons of mosquitos, but a ton of bats flew out right at dusk.  The kids were amazed!
And the hotel gave us some fun goodies as part of the "experience".
 The next morning, we played a quick game of chess (ok - not really - can you see that my kids are trying to "king" each other as they staged the photo?) before heading home.
The rest of the week was filled with nothing - well, not nothing - It did take me 45 minutes to build this marble track for Bubba.
 And he moved to a BIG BOY BED!! Yahoo!! Now we just need to get on this potty training......
And this sweet girl started soccer practice - it was a good quiet week.

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MiMi said...

The school supply lists kill me.

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