Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The FIRST Week Of Summer

First Week of Summer!!!!
(May 26th-June 2nd)
We spent the first few days of summer break at my sweet cousin, Macy's wedding.  It was a gorgeous wedding at an old hotel in downtown Austin.  On the night of the Rehearsal Dinner (held in a movie house), Sissy was asked to act in a skit, as my 10-year-old cousin.  She did fantastic, even had all her mannerisms and excitement correct.  It was really fun to see her act!
I had fun - it was really cool to be up on stage in front of all those people.  I was nervous but it was fun!
She looked ridiclous!
Sunday was the wedding - my gorgeous little man in a tux!
All three of them clean up pretty nicely!
The suit was too tight - I couldn't wait to take it off.
Monday: Memorial Day - We surprised the kids with a trip to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines resort and hung out at the pool all day long!
It was AWESOME!!!!!
We made a sandcastle train!

Sis attempted to go down the slide 100 times - I think she did! 
When I went down it, I sat criss-cross and went spinning like crazy.
This water slide trip ended with, "Again Daddy, Again!"

When we got back to the room, we were greeted with this.....did I mention I was writing about our trip???  You can read all about it here.
They were delicious!
One of my favorite things about the resort was the make your own s'mores bar - peppermint patties, peanut butter cups, and regular & white chocolate - so hard to choose!!!
I made the BEST s'more Ever! It was peanut butter - you always want to lightly toast your marshmallow.
I made mine with a peanut butter cup and it tasted good.
Mom only has one half of me in this picture.
Mom doesn't have me at all in it.
Afterwards, we were treated to a movie on the lawn.  It was a gorgeous night with a cool breeze -what a memorable Memorial Day!
Hard to believe, but Bubba lasted the whole day, only passing out at the end of the movie.  Try carrying a sleeping 30 lb toddler back to the room! 
He loved it!(I also cannot believe he made it through the whole movie!)

The next day we tried out more of the resort's activities.  Like this eliptogo bike - so fun!
I tried but it was too tall and scared me.
It was the easiest thing ever! I can't believe she was so weak!
On Thursday, my girlfriend had a genius idea!  We were one of the first school districts to get out for summer, so we headed down to Schlitterbahn for the day and it was almost empty!!
Bubba had a blast going playing on all the toddler water toys - loved the slides.  The water rides I made him go on with us?  Not so much - but he was a trooper and hung on tight!
He even went on the Cliffhanger and was fine!
But I almost feel out of the tube on the Dragon's Revenge!
We finished the week with our first trip to the lake with friends! Love relaxing on Lake LBJ on the boat and we hope to do it more this summer.
I thought my friend fell out of the tube but he held on and skidded across the water.  My dad was going WAY fast!

Whew! And that's only the first week!

Sissy provided commentary in pink.
Brody provided commentary in blue.
Thanks kids!


Darling's said...

Fun, fun ,fun! Can not wait to read about the next week!

Emmy said...

Looks like so much fun! We had that same idea about Legoland since we were some of the first out-- but yea you know how that turned out. Love that your kids helped with the post

Connie Weiss said...


Love the kids thoughts....

MiMi said...

Awesome people are named Macey. Or Macy.
Also, that bike looks cool and I'm positive I would break my face.

Date Girl said...

What a blast! Your kids clean up nice. They all look great!
I want smores right meowwww.

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