Monday, July 2, 2012

The SECOND Week of Summer

Second Week of Summer!!!!
(June 3rd-June 9th)

The Second week of summer didn't start off as crazy as the first week.  Brody enjoyed Webloes Scout  Camp all week, so we took it easy and enjoyed the days of rest. Well, sort of.
Camp was fun - I liked the part where we got to shoot the bow & arrows.  And bb guns too.  Anything else? no.
Can you believe that I have lived in Austin for over 4 years and NOT been to the Austin Zoo? Had to rectify that one! The Austin Zoo is filled with rescued animals - I mean who takes home a tiger or a porcupine for a pet anyway?
Ian loved it.
It was a great little zoo with lots to see and plenty of shade (a necessity in the almost-100 degree heat of that June day).  We tried to get there as early as possible to see the animals before it became too hot.  And we succeeded.
It got hot but it was worth it.
The thing we loved the most about the Austin Zoo? You can get up close and personal to the animals.  This is the closest I have ever been to a lion - it was amazing.
That same evening was another first for us - an outdoor Austin concert experience - Foster the People, Kimbra, & The Kooks at The Backyard in Bee Caves.  Such a cool, cool experience.
We met fun friends there for the concert - it was a fun way to kick off summer for the adults.  Foster the People put on an awesome show - very entertaining.  The hour wait just to leave the parking lot after the concert? Not so much.
We tried yet another first later that week - we took a trip to the Pioneer Farms in Austin - 6 different settlements that span over 70 years of history are set up on the Farms.
This looks like a goat but it was actually a sheep - a hairless one that acted like a dog. 
Complete with docents who love to tell you all about the time period - how they farmed and cooked, where they slept with 13 children, how they black-smithed.  We all enjoyed it.
They still had all the tools that they used to cook and hunt - there was a 300 year old tree that had been struck by lightening.
It was a fun afternoon with the girls!
We quickly jumped back into the future as my pre-teen attempted to accessorize at the jewelry store - Not so much sweetie.
I looked like Elvis Presley.
One last FIRST for the week!! Every since we moved here, we had been told we MUST two-step at the Broken Spoke, one of Austin's original C&W bars - been around since the 70's.  Low ceilings, small dance floor, but big crowds of friendly people.  We had a blast.
I taught our British friends the Cotton-Eye Joe. (SO FUN!) My main man even took me for a dance or two around the floor.  We were pretty rusty - when we first dated (way back in the early 90s), we danced every weekend.  We were not quite Dancing with the Stars material that night, but we laughed our butts off - we needed the fun night out!

Definitely a fun-filled week of Austin firsts!  We didn't quite slow down, but we enjoyed it!

Sissy provided commentary in pink.
Brody provided commentary in blue.

The FIRST Week of Summer


Shawn said...

You make me tired! It's week 3 of summer break for GS, it's 11:02 and I'm still in bed! I'll leave the adventures to you.

Angie said...

What fun adventures you all have had!!! Glad you found a little adult time in it all too :)

MiMi said...

You guys always go balls to the wall during summer. Awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys were definitely busy having a ton of fun! That's great how much you guys were able to get out and do.
Stopping by from Talk To Us Tuesday!

TMW Hickman said...

Austin has a zoo? Wow! Who knew?

Now, after reading all of the things you did, I need a nap. ;-)

Chell said...

OK, you just did more in one week than we do all summer.

Connie Weiss said...

Thanks to you....I'm addicted to murals!

Foster the People just played Red Rocks a few nights ago! I wanted to go.....

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