Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The SIXTH Week of Summer

Sixth Week of Summer!!!!
(July 1st - July 7th)
Wow- 6 weeks already??  This week was spent up in Illinois with my in-laws.  It was HOT y'all.  Hotter than Texas HOT.  We are talking' 103 with a heat index of 107.  Crazy HOT!!!   So we didn't do much all week.....
Except love on this sweet little guy.  My newest nephew.  Not quite 4 months old and the CUTEST baby you have ever seen.  I LOVED making him smile and holding him and feeding him a bottle...... Almost made me want another one....almost.  But then I remember the sleepless nights and how they grow up to be mobile and get into everything and I feel just as happy as can be with my 3.

But he is adorable.....

He was so cute! I loved it when he laughed.
Bubba got to soak up Grandma Illinois's love this week as she took him to Sheels' to pick out a toy.  He grabbed a set of Cars diving toys that didn't leave his hands all week.
Brody was spoiled too - Grandma makes him his favorite peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich.  Only in the summer buddy!!

It is a pretty good sandwich.
Just a random pic but Sis found a t-shirt for Matt's high school at the local Walgreens.  We texted him a pic to see if he wanted it.  We got no response.
SUSHI!!  Who would have ever thought I would love this stuff?  Thanks to my #HB12 girls, I love it now - course I don't want to pick it - I let others order it.  So Matt's Sister & Brother in law and I went to a Sushi dinner in Central Illinois and it was GOOD!

Pretty, isn't it?
July 4th started with a yummy breakfast at PaPa Illinois' favorite, Cracker Barrel.

I beat PaPa a bunch of times!
got a remote control car that does flips and stunts and it was only $10. (this is the most animated I got him to be)
And ended with a fun front porch picture after a HOT day in the pool.
My gorgeous girl......

Yes, I am gorgeous!
Bubba giving the "baby" some love.

I took this picture!
And what do you do when it is blazing hot out?  Stay indoors and learn a new game.  We bought this game for Sis after trying it out at SXSW last March.  It is pretty fun!

We had the best game ever. 
I lost.
Friday night we hopped in the 96-degree pool at 9 pm and then ran for ice cream after our swim.  What a fun memory I will have sitting on the front porch eating ice cream at 10 pm.

I got a dipped cone. I never have been to get ice cream at 10 o'clock at night.
That's because it only happens at Grandma's.
Bubba attempted to take a nap in his car bed each afternoon, but ended up just making a mess!
While in Illinois, we took PaPa out to geocache around his area.  We went 5 for 5! Woo-hoo!!

My iTouch didn't work to geocache b/c I didn't have wifi.
On one geocache, we played around in the corn a bit - my children of the corn....the expression was lost on them....

I think the corn was very interesting.  Papa taught us about it.
On our last cache, this sweet lady and her pet goat came out to help us find it - it was pretty hard to find.
And that Saturday, we went to a 4th of July party - Bubba was ready to go!

He loved that flag.
The kids played around in the pool all day with the cousins.

I swam all day and only ate a rice krispie treat.
Bubba played so hard, he ended up in my lap asleep by 9 pm.

Sissy provided commentary in pink.
Brody provided commentary in blue.

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