Saturday, August 11, 2012

The EIGHTH Week of Summer

Eighth Week of Summer!!!!
(July 15th - July 21st)
We were home this week - can you believe it??  We couldn't either!  We spent the whole week at home as we Sis & I volunteered at Vacation Bible School - FLY! and Bubba had fun going each day.
At least, I think he had fun - he wore his shirt backwards each day, as he wanted the plane on the front and asked to go to "school" each day.  VBS was at the same church his pre-school is at. I would watch him as I lead worship in the afternoons with his group - for the most part he would dance to the songs (he heard them enough at home with me practicing) but he mostly liked to play in the pews and point to his "mommy!".  One of these days he's get something out if it!
We also got back on track with potty training, so every afternoon, this cute tiny hiney walked around like this.....

Don't ask me if he's potty trained YET.....
Sis went out for a few runs this week to start getting in shape for soccer - 2 miles! Go girl!
And Matt & Brody threw the football around each evening to get him ready to try football this fall.
We visited a fun new pool in our area - looks more like a waterpark doesn't it?
And it was a wonderfully, relaxing week - here I am with my "sing & play" ladies at VBS.
And the awesome site I looked at each morning as I walked into the UMC's Sanctuary.
On Wednesday, we had a new houseguest stay with us - Charlie was a fun addition to the family - Chief enjoying having a friend around - we liked playing with him outside - our little dog doesn't care to run after a frisbee.
I attempted to make squash and zucchini chips from a recipe on Pinterest - it was my one week of the summer where I attempted to eat healthy! They were an absolute disaster.  Don't try them.  Do you ever have recipes from Pinterest majorly fail???? I do ALL THE TIME.  Says something about me as a cook, huh?
Friday of VBS is always my favorite - kids are excited to sing the songs because they know them all, so the sanctuary is always full of energy - this year was no different.
My little man was pooped after a full week of VBS and potty training - he tuckered out that Friday night - couldn't help but to grab this sweet picture of him!
On Saturday, we had a fun time at a friend's Pirate Birthday party - love his little smirk here.
And that evening, we went out to Walburg, a little German town north of us that has a fun biergarten. Even though it was over 100 that evening, under all the massive oak trees sippin' cold beer was perfect.  I love a fun evening with friends out there!
But I DO NOT like seeing this slither up the tree near us!!!!
And a portrait of the anniversary couple - we celebrated 17 years this month!

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Angie said...

There is so much to comment on that I don't know where to start. VBS is always such fun! Looks like you all had a blast. That waterpark is amazing. I wish we had something like that around here for the kiddos. Our community pool isn't much. Potty training is tough. My son does so so but we are still no where near trained. Girls are so much easier in my opinion.

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