Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday Matt Darling

My guy turns 40 today.

And can you believe this adorable picture I found of him??  Ugh.  I think Brody looks just like him.  

So in honor of the big 4-0.  Here are 40 things I dig about him:

He's funny

He is passionate about his kids

He digs soccer

He looks hot driving a truck

He loves Orange Slices

He has salt & pepper hair at his temples

He gets up at 2 am to put Bubba back to bed

He looks good in a uniform

He loves to drive a boat

He loves Jesus
 He likes country music

He loves Mexican food

He coaches encourages Sis to do her best in soccer 

He runs

He likes to watching Love Actually every Christmas

He has borderline OCD

He takes Brody to school each day

He will play a game with his kids

He loves my lasagna

He prays for his family 

He's from the Midwest

He thinks I'm the best looking woman he ever saw 

He gave George Strait a high five

He gave me 3 amazing kiddos

He does the laundry (each week!)

He really knows his history

He loves Texas

He makes a mean apple pie

He changes poopy diapers

He loves to read
He loved watching Downton Abbey

He looks good in red

He got all of us out in the rain this morning to see an owl

He reads stories to Bubba

He makes friends easily

He wears cowboy boots

He works hard

He will drive cross-country and never make me drive

He will dance with me

He's fun

I think there is truth in the adage that you get better with age.  I met Matt when he was 21 years old and I find more and more things to love about him year after year. 

Happy Birthday to the man I love!


MiMi said...

He looks like your son in that first picture!! :) Happy bday Mr. Darling!

Kristin said...

So sweet! What a great list. You are blessed to have each other.

Kenlie said...

I absolutely adore this post! You are one blessed lady, and he's blessed too! It's so nice to see that you both know that! xoxoxox

Happy birthday, Becca's husband! <3

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