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The NINTH Week of Summer

Ninth Week of Summer!!!!
(July 22nd - July 28th)

The Ninth week of summer??  Already?  Summer is flying by!  Before we know it - we will be back in school (written tongue-in-cheek as the kids are back in school while I write this - where do you think I finally found time to blog?).

The Ninth week took us to one of my favorite cities in the whole world.....
 San Antonio ~ this familiar site just makes me SMILE!

We traveled down and stayed a few days courtesy of the SA CVB ~ They put us up at the Emily Morgan hotel next to the Alamo and gave us passes to all the local sites.  We crammed as much as we could into 3 days!
 We explored downtown - and checked out this cool new sculpture ~ The Torch of Friendship ~ A gift from Mexico to the city.
 Our first stop took us to visit all the "Ripley's Believe it or Not" Museums - wax museums, Oddities, Guinness Book of World Records ~ The Kids really enjoyed these museums.  I just enjoyed sharing the secrets to my success with Oprah.  She's a great listener.
We took this hilarious picture there too - this just might show up in a video or two as the kids get older....
 One of my favorite things we did on the trip was to take a ride down the Riverwalk.  I just love the Riverwalk - the relaxed atmosphere, the wonderful colors of the restaurants, the happy people.  The tour gives you a lot of history and background of San Antonio itself - here is my review of it.
 The next day, we enjoyed the San Antonio Zoo - they have a lot of "Animal Encounters" - like this one that taught us how to 'walk like a gibbon". Do you even know what a gibbon is??? We do now.
 I used to go to the SA Zoo as a child, so it is really neat that I can now take my kiddos - there are so many great memories I have of visiting.
 We also spent time at the Witte Museum - a Natural Science Museum that has an AMAZING children's area in the back - we played music on pots and pans, climbed rock walls, and rode this fun SkyCycle.
 My sweet grandparents live in San Antonio, so we spent one evening with them.  They had made us homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream and I love as I'm taking a pic of my kiddos, Bubba is reaching into his Sister's bowl.....
 We had heard about this place that made cinnamon rolls that were as big as your head.....so we had to try.  But they weren't as big as your head.  They were bigger!
 Wednesday took us to the top of the Tower of the Americas ~ built in 1968 for the World's Fair, it is one of the tallest free-standing building's with an observation deck in America.
And it gives you gorgeous views of San Antonio.....
 Lunch at "Shee-Lows" and homemade root beer - YUM!!
 Home from San Antonio on Wednesday night, the kids were able to play with their friends, including Bubba, who got together with some of his sweet friends from his Pre-School class.
 And we were able to continue on with our Zilker Summer Musical tradition.  Sis and I really enjoyed The Sound of Music.  This is our 3rd year of seeing a musical in downtown Austin!
 The temps are creeping up into the 100's (as it is the last week of July), so we decided to spend sometime indoors. The kids and i put together this HUGE masking tape racetrack - inspired by Pinterest, we created an entire city that expanded all the way into the front of the house.  The kids loved it and Bubba played on it for a week.
 Friday night was the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics - we enjoyed it with a Nacho Bar and Margaritas!!
 It was the first Saturday of the summer where we were home and didn't have any plans - so we took off into the Hill Country for a road trip. No plans, just a map.
 We headed west - which took us through Bertram, home of the Auto Parts Dinosaur.  Built many moons ago by a local legend, he sits right off the highway greeting those who pass through town. I think I was a little bit more entranced by the story of him then my kids were..... They just wanted to know "where are we going???"
 To Cooper's!! One of our fav BBQ places in Texas!
 And then we sought out one of Texas's oldest suspension bridges in Texas in San Saba.  It was fun to find and explore with the kiddos......
 We headed back home, as we had plans! Date Night to celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary! Whee!!  We went to Jasper's and had a wonderfully gourmet meal and a cocktail.  It was wonderful!

Only a few more weeks left...what else will we be doing??? Come back tomorrow to see more!

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MiMi said...

I want a cinnamon roll as big as my head!!!
I've always wanted to the the River Walk too...it looks SO fun.

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