Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brain Time- Nursery Items

Just a little brain time here this morning. I came across this in our Cranium Daily calendar and though it was appropriate. Can you name the following items that belong in a baby nursery?

1. quadrupedal surface of transformation

2. linearly vacillating position on board of directors

3. nonhuman life forms fed beyond satiety

Once you get these...you realize how easy they really are. Here is a hint for #3- think toys. Answers to come. Who can get them all??


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

1. ha! changing table

2. what the heck. I dunno

3. Stuffed animals

I could've gotten #3 w/o the clue, but not #2!

I need one of those calendars, to make my brain actually work. :)

Kasey said...

Go amber! figuring those out! I had no idea...my brain doesn't work like that apparently!

Kelli said...

I pick crib, changing table, stuffed animal. Wow, these are good.

Amanda said...

Changing table, rocking chair/glider and stuffed animals? It took me a while on the 2nd one! Am I right?

Vivienne said...

I think #1 is a changing table, but my mind first went to the idea of transforming the surface for the quadruped, ie, make sure the floor is safe because baby is going to be crawling.

#2 I'm going with a rocking chair.

#3, stuffed animals, but again, my mind first went to making sure the pets were fed so that they didn't go in and slobber on baby's toys.

jenjen said...

I think it's too late for my brain to process that information. The only one I got was the changing table! lol


Shawn said...

In order to take a guess at what the heck things are I would first have to have the ability to pronounce them.

Yes, I could have rode the short bus to school!

Xazmin said...

Wow...my brain can't begin to function enought tonight to figure these out!

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