Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brain Time Answers

Thanks for indulging me in my silly fun yesterday! Many of you got them! They were hard for me!! Here are the answers:

1. quadrupedal surface of transformation
changing table

2. linearly vacillating position on board of directors
rocking chair

3. nonhuman life forms fed beyond satiety
stuffed animals

Ahh day closer to the weekend. Remember last week how I mentioned what a good baby little Bubba is? And I happened to mention in that post what a good napper he is? HA! He is out to prove me wrong.
As he has been with us just 4 short months, he has grown accustomed to Momma rocking him to sleep for his naps. I just loved cuddling with him and enjoyed every minute of it. It just to take less than 5 mins to rock him to sleep. I pushed away that nagging feeling that I was creating a bad habit and rocked my angel away.
Now, (deep breath), he fights sleep unless he is "rocked" by the car, by the moving stroller, or by me. Except our sweet moments of rocking have turned into 20 mins of fighting sleep. I'm talking the arching back, kicking legs, fussing & hitting with the fists. This ids doesn't want to sleep! And it drives me batty. He needs to rest during the day.
Yesterday, I decided to lay him in the crib at his nap time and let him fuss it out. Well, his fusses soon turned into a cry. And that cry soon turned into a wail, which soon turned into a shriek! All within 10 minutes. I gave in.
Today, I was determined not to give in. He did his whole fuss-cry-wail-shriek thing and I went into to calm him down. He started the fuss routine again and then it stopped. I though, yay!! it worked. Uh no. My kid's in there talking to himself- not napping. talking.
At least he is quiet. right?

Ladies, any advice on how you got your kids to take naps at this age?


Shawn said...

So sorry but I have nothing!

When all else fails give in and lay next to him and take a nap too! I love me a good nap!

Miller Racing Family said...

How can you forget those days. You almost hold you breathe in hopes they stay asleep. We still turn the ringer off on the phone during nap time, just so nothing will wake Trey, well and us to.
I hope he gets back on the sleeping schedule soon.
Have a wonderful day!

Amanda said...

We changed pediatricans at 9 months and I had rocked my baby for 9 months to sleep. He told me his sleep was none of my business (lol, he actually said it like that), best thing to teach your child is to put themselves to sleep etc. For a week I let him cry it out, it was tough but after that week he was great! Have not looked back since, he is 6 and the best sleeper I know:) Best of Luck!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Rocking chair!!! I was on to the word 'chair', but it just wouldn't quite come to me.

As far as the sleeping thing goes, I agree with letting them learn to self soothe and put themselves to sleep. Saylor would sometimes nurse to sleep, sometimes fall asleep in the car, and transition to bed. Most of the time I just laid her down and gave her a binky & blankie. I agree with the letting them cry a little. Oh, also, white noise works wonders. I swear by it, still. I don't agree with everyone tip toe-ing around while the baby sleeps. I actually loathe that, lol.

I think also that they go through a change at 4 months. They're starting to stay awake a little more, and have a hard time getting readjusted. Hopefully he gets adjusted soon!!

Jen said...

Nip it in the bud! Srlsy - the best thing you can do for him (and yourself) is to put him down when it's nap time and let him work it out. 20 minutes was the magic number - they either fell asleep by then or I went to get them. He'll figure it out. Something we did with from baby 2 - on was to play music at nap/bed time (to start a cd I got from the hospital of 'lullaby' classical music). Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We used baby wise. Some people don't like it but it worked great for us! We started from the beginning so we didn't have the super hard time with the naps... however, my sister started later (around 3 months) and he learned how to put himself to sleep in about 10 days.

Alli said...

I agree with Jen. I was told 20 min also. If that is too long for you, then work yourself up to that number each day...10 min one day, 15 min the next, etc. When I needed to let them cry it out, I would do something that was loud in another room to drown out the sounds while I watched the clock. I would clean the shower most of the time. The water made it hard to hear them. He will get it. And i didn't keep the house super quiet so they were able to sleep with noise.

Best of luck...hang in there, he WILL start to self soothe and go to sleep on his own.

jenjen said...

I think you need to let him cry it out. It might be a hard week or so but then he will get used to it. I had to do that with a couple of my kids when they were about 8 months old.


Kasey said...

A heavy drink on the rocks (for you not him.) Sorry just kidding...

About at this age I used to start laying them down in their bed and letting them fuss it out. It would get shorter and shorter each time. Ruthie still cries when I lay her down, but too bad. If I rock her to sleep I would be in there for an hour and she would still probably wake up when I laid her down. don't get me wrong, I cuddle with them for about 5 or 10 minutes, but when that is up I go because that's my time to spend alone with hubs. Good luck!

Tanielle said...

I am the same way with my little ones, so I've got no advice. I love snuggling them and rocking them, and never putting them down. True I pay for it later, but I always think it was worth it!!:-) You are a great Mom, good luck with your little sweetie!!!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm dying to know if you guys won that contest!

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