Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cousin Love

I am blessed to have grown up near my cousins.  We were best buddies even though I was the oldest - we played Barbies together and danced like Madonna when we were kiddos.  
And though we have grown up (and slightly apart), there is still always that comfortableness that come with being in a family together.  
My kids LOVE to play with their cousins - they are like add-on siblings to play and have sleep-overs with.  
It warms my heart to see my kiddos with their cousins.
 And even though we live far apart and see each other only a few times a year, my kids love spending time with their cousins.
 Especially these 3 - the youngest 3 (until last week!!).
 When they were together this summer and over the Holidays, they loved running around together in a pack, causing mischief.
 And these two little boys - so close in age - didn't quite understand how to share - there were constant battles for toys, fussing over ownership, and general natural competitiveness.  We just laughed about it.
Cause we KNOW they will be BEST BUDS as they grow up.
Sis is the oldest of the Darling clan - This past week added 2 more cousins to the family too!  A GIRL & a  BOY!!  Just more cousins to love on!
My hope is the hugs & kisses continue and they grown up valuing how special it is to be surrounded by cousins.


Kelli said...

Cousins are the best!

Connie Weiss said...

My kids don't have any cousins.


Impulsive Addict said...

I grew up with a LOT of cousins. I'm still close with most of them too. Emma doesn't get to see too many cousins. Maybe 3-4 times a year when there is an event but maybe we'll move closer to my family. M has TONS of cousins. They reproduce like CRAZY in Michigan. Obviously, it's because there is nothing else to do when it's cold out. So, she seems them for the holidays. I loved seeing all the pics!

Thanks for linking up, friend! xoxo

MiMi said...

How fun! I love that you all are so close.
My kids love hanging out with their cousin that is local, and it's a treat to see the ones in CA. :)
Now they have 2 new ones to be born this summer. Wait. 3! One SIL is having twin boys this summer and the other SIL in CA is having one this summer too. WHEW!

Myya said...

Cousins are an awesome thing! My cousins were a couple year kind of thing too but my girls are so fortunate to have 5 right here in town & 3 of which they see a min of 4 times a week. Definitely more like sisters sometimes but none the less always fun to play with! :)

Angie said...

Family is priceless! I'm really close with my cousins too & us girls are like sisters in a sense. Glad your children & you have a close bond with your extended family. It makes life a lot less lonely.

Emmy said...

Such cute pictures!! Eric only has two sisters- we all live far apart but have so much fun when we get together as the cousins are 7,6,5,4,3,2,1--no joke.

Eric's little sister and her kids are actually going to be here this Saturday for spring break, it should be fun.

Jan said...

WOW! What a family of cousins!
Love all the memories!
Illinois Grandma jan

Xazmin said...

Cousins truly are the best friends! I loved growing up near mine, they are add on siblings!

My one cousin that I was especially close to is still one of my very best friends.

It makes me sad that neither of my brothers have kids, so my children are missing out on that opportunity.

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