Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About: November

I have really loved looking back over the month for the 10 Things to Smile about Post hosted by EmmyMom....  Such a fun way to re-cap some of the little things that you did that month that didn't ever make it into a blog post, but definitely need to be remembered. Love these posts!!!

November is always  a weird month, with a holiday right in the middle of it .  Nonetheless, it was a busy one!
 1. At the beginning of the month, my brother got married and it was a fun, quick weekend with the whole family.  Having Uncle Chris around to have fun with made it a blast!
 2. And that was the weekend of the infamous 5 1/2 hour trip to get to the zoo!  We loved the zoo, and the trip will make us laugh someday, but the picture we took at the end of the day at our "rescuer's truck" makes me smile all day!
 3. At the local grocery store, there is a wonderful cheese counter that Bubba loves to go to. We try samples of gouda, cheddar, goat cheese.  And there is a lovely lady who always loves to comment on how my 2 year old "loves" cheese.  (No lady, he's just hungry, it's almost lunch time.....)  Each week she talks me into trying a new cheese.  My favorite by far has been this expresso-infused gouda.  It's amazing. Smile.
 4. Remember the "Earthquake Candy" cake and the craziness to make that cake?  Well, that night, Brody was selected to carry the flag in.  It was fitting to see his pride after the crazy 3 hours that had lead up to that moment.  Breathe.....
 5. Sweet little Bubba had his first Thanksgiving Day feast at his precious preschool.  He didn't eat.  He played under the table with his buddy the whole time.  Smile.
 6. Sis enter the PTA Reflections Art Contest with a photography collage and won!!  She will be going on to the district now with her "Diversity in Nature".  She took pictures of letters spelled out in nature to spell "Diversity"...see the V?  So proud!
 7. Christmas season kicked off early this year with a fun evening with girlfriends at the Austin Junior League's Christmas Affair.  We had a fun evening with dinner & drinks & shopping!! Love!
 8. On a whim (and thanks to some fun posts I had seen), I took Bubba to the Ceramic Studio to make this fun turkey plate out of his hands and feet.  I was so very thankful to have the owners help me make this plate, as this very un-crafty momma could visualize what I wanted but had no idea how to make it.  Good thing Bubba LOVED to paint his hands and we had a blast making it!
 9. On the Ranch over Thanksgiving, Matt took the kids to the shooting range and taught Sis how to shoot a gun (or 2....maybe 3), gun safety, hunting, etc.  She loved it.  I'm totally not into the gun thing, but I love the bonding that took place while they were at it.  Brody & Matt have so much in common with this love of hunting (huh?).  It was a wonderful time for them to spend with their Dad.
10.  How can I not continue to smile about our wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend???  It was a restful time filled with laughter, jokes, and tons of smiles!!
On another note......

A message from my sister blog, R We There Yet Mom.  Come on my friends, I KNOW you have some old posts we can feature this month!!!  See below:

Wow!  December 1st already? I know it is a cliche' but it seems to come around so quickly these days....

Here in the Texas Darling house, we love Christmas. This year, we have taken our time to get all our decorations up, and it has been a fun week seeing the whole house transformed in Christmas Magic.

I am pretty much a homebody for Christmas - there is nothing I would rather do than be in my own home, snuggled by the fireplace this time of year.

However, this is a fantastic time to travel too!  It is a great way to see areas of the country (and world) all dressed up for the Holidays!!  And we would like to hear about YOUR past Holiday travels!!  We would love to hear about your trip to Disney World at Christmas.  We want to hear about your ski trip with 25 other family members.  Or maybe you snuck away for a cruise...just the 2 of you?? Maybe you have a funny "Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" travel story you'd like to share!

Didn't travel but have some really awesome traditions that you do in your town??  Tell us about those!!  We want to know about that amazing Holiday parade that has become a family tradition?  Tour of lights?  Breakfast with Santa?

Tell us about it!!  If you have a past post, all the better (no extra writing!!).  What a cool way to relive your Holiday fun AND get featured on this really cool website......

Email us at - let's get you set up to be featured here this month!!


On another note, thank you to all the support you have given us at Friday Daydreaming!  We will be continuing throughout the month of December.  Post your pictures of your favorite vacation that you are daydreaming about and link up!  Post a picture of your favorite Holiday moment that you are daydreaming about and link up! Post a picture about that yummy Holiday goodie you are daydreaming about and link up!  You get the picture!!

There is nothing I love more that sitting down on a cold Friday morning with a cup of coffee, reading all your wonderful daydreams!  The post will go up at 9:30 pm tonight!  Be ready!!


Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Hmmm...we're heading to Disney tomorrow for 3 days for the Very Merry Christmas Party...maybe I'll try and submit something....

Connie said...

I have to find that cheese!!

You are the sexiest Mama in that group!

I'm going to an Av's game on Friday night. I could write something up about that.

Kelli said...

You, my friend, are very blessed and I love the way that you reflect back each month :)

Emmy said...

Yea!! Great list! Thank you so much for linking up.
Love the shooting picture-her face priceless!

And that zoo trip- definitely one that will never be forgotten.

And how fun for Brady- a great proud moment.

And very jealous of your cheese lady

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