Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Daydreamin': Trail of Lights (RIP)

Happy Friday & Happy Holidays!!!! 

Anyone have time for a daydream or two?  Check out R We There Yet Mom's Friday Daydreaming - an easy Friday post - post a pic of a vacation daydream - that's it!! Easy-Peasy!  And this month, it can be all about the Holidays - trips, local events, yummy treats, wine - you name it! Go link up!
Our first Christmas here in Central Texas, the City of Austin put on this amazing Light show each year ~ The Trail of Lights ~ at the Zilker Park (the same place of the ACL Fest each year).  

It was a lighted pathway through the park and it was FANTASTIC.  And it was FREE.  It unfortunately does not exist anymore (some mubo-jumbo about money).  I was so very happy that we were able to see it at least once!!

Does your town have anything fun like this that you go to each year?  R We There Yet Mom is looking for guest posters to post about Holiday events in their local area.  Email rebecca@rwethereyetmom to tell us all about it!


Steve said...

I always look at things like this and feel really bad about my reluctance to get out and put up my couple strings of lights. I can only imagine how long these things take to put up.

MiMi said...

That looks awesome!!

Emmy said...

That looks so awesome!! Our city doesn't have a cool display but there are some neighborhoods that do that are crazy good

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