Monday, January 30, 2012

Ferris is Back!

I love me a good 80's flick.  It takes me back to carefree fun days where we could watch a movie and think that is exactly how our life is going to turn out.

really. I did.

I was going to have my first kiss over my birthday cake on the center of the dining room table with "my jake".

didn't happen

I was going to lead the final dance of the talent show cause "nobody puts Becca in the corner."

uh. no.

Did I get sent to a Saturday Detention with a totally hot wrestler name Andrew?  Did I win a dance contest on national television?  Did I start a commotion in a small Florida town??

no. no. and no.

But I did try to rhyme everything I said (thank you Princess Bride) and had a slight obsession with everything time travel related (Back to the Future I, II, & III).

And I had a slight obsession with an adorable white leather fringe jacket, wrestling shoes, and everything else related to Ferris Bueller.

Hands down, my favorite 80's movie.  Could quote every line cold, that's how many times I waned it - thank goodness for VCRs, I probably burned through that tape more than once.

So when I saw this Superbowl commercial today, I went NUTS!!!

"Calm yourself woman."

I can't wait to see it on Sunday!!

And yes, I totally thought all days skipping school were like the one Ferris had - too bad I went to high school in rural Nevada - certainly no museums, Cubs games, or parades to sing in there!

P.S. If you know all the movies I referenced up top, you are my long lost twin!!  Tell me what they are!


Angel said...

I love 80s movies! 16 candles! Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Footloose, The only one I'm blanking on is the wining a dance contest one!

I also loved to rhyme! And I can't wait for the commercial!

MiMi said...

LOVE! Calm yourself woman.
16 Candles, Dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, Footloose and I don't know the dance competition one either! Is it Flashdance?

Connie said...


This commercial is awesome!

Myya said...

Loooove this!!!

jennykate77 said...

I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm a HUGE FB fan <---and that doesn't stand for Facebook.

I'm an 80's/John Hughes fan, in general...Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Footloose, Dirty Dancing, 16 Candles...and then there's National Lampoon's Vacation...Home Alone. The man was a genius.

I can't wait for the Super Bowl commercials!!

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