Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cake Popped Off

I don't know why I do this to myself.  

I used to think I was a crafty kind of girl ~ and I don't mean a weasel ~ I mean,  I thought I could make stuff. 

But then I go and try to make something cutesy for the house...cause I've been inspired by all the amazin stuff Viv & Jen Jen & Shawn & ok....everyone....can make.  

And once again, I fail...miserably.  I don't know why I even think I can do it.  I mean, look at my latest mess.....

Anyone else been inspired by this woman???
Bakerella....ah how I love your cake pops!!! I think they are precious and adorable and I always promised myself I would try to make them......

And then I received the Cake Pops book from a dear friend.  I spent weeks reading the "how tos" and built up courage to make them myself.

So I finally did it.  $50 in supplies and 3 stores later, here we go!!

Bake the cake, cool it, then tear it apart.
got it. easy.
3/4 a can of frosting.
don't forget to clip the Box Tops for your favorite school!
mix it together - not very yummy looking.
 and then roll them into balls - but make sure you have atleast 48- panic a little while you are doing it that you might not have 48, so pinch a few balls down to size - there you go - 
messy hands and 48 cake balls

 now one of the pains for me was finding styrofoam that could hold 48 cake pops.
I had to go to 3 stores to get enough that was thick enough to hold them
And even 3 rows was too much for one block - argh!
 So after chilling (not freezing) the cake balls, the actually dipping was easy.
But why do they look all misshapen?  Bakerellas are all perfectly round.....

I took 30 minutes to make each tiny bow for the heads of these girls....
4 1/2 hours later and here is my finished product.
not so pretty.
especially when they should have looked like this:

What went wrong?
1. It took too long - It was exhausting!!
2. my edible markers would not write on the frosting well.
3. It took too long- I had laundry to fold that day!!
4. I managed to "overload" one side of the styrofoam block too much and the whole thing tipped over when they had just been dipped.
4. It took too long - I have a baby!!!
5. The noses were all pointy, not perfect dots like "she" can make.
6.  It took too stinkin' long.

So, how did I fix the 47 other cake balls to make them ready for the shower the next day?
I melted down some white wafers, added blue tint, turn the pops upside down and drizzled away!!

At this point, I am pretty sure the crafting Gods are against me.  I'm done - don't come waving your adorable homemade Easter eggs at me any more (you know who I'm talking to!!).

I will buy it from now on.


Macey said...

This makes me laugh!
This is why I call myself the cursing crafter. Everything I touch turns into a 98 step process even though it's supposed to be easy.
And, I'm guessing she has people making her balls look more attractive for photo shoots.
You can't freehand that stuff unless you're seriously talented.
But hey, at least you got to pinch some balls, right?

Amy said...

When it "takes too long"..count me out. Great try and terrific improvising though!!

Unknown said...

Everything takes too long!

You are way more creative than me! Seriously, I'll stick to sewing and patterns, but backing and other craftiness, yeah, not gonna happen!

A for effort!

Natalia said...

First, I think you're amazing for even attempting to make the baby head pops.

Second, the drizzled ones look adorable, and you should give yourself credit for that.

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

If I had tried this - they'd come out square so kudos to you...I think they are pretty cute!

Darling's said...

At least you can say you tried! I have to say you are great at thinking on your feet. The drizzle looked super cute with the way your wrapped them!!

Connie said...

The gal that makes me awesome birthday cakes (she's currently making a ROBOT cake for my boy) also makes the most beautiful cake pops.

I have no need to make them.

Just think of all the time i'm saving...

Misty said...

ok... these are nothing to bawlk at... My gosh, i tried cake pops ONE TIME and it was a horrible, nightmare mess. and they were red velvet- no less. NIGHTMARE...

Shawn said...

In my attempt to be your true friend I'm just gonna say I am totally laughing AT you right now!

Actually I think your drizzled blue balls turned out super cute!

Rule #1 in doing anything crafty: know your limitations!
Rule #2 hire someone every chance you can!

Mamarazzi said...

my mama told me, "never bake what you can buy."

it use to bother me when i was a kid and longed for a mom who baked.

then i tried baking.

WAY too much science and math.

luckily J loves to bake and is good at it, so she never has had to ling for a mama who could bake.

this is more crafting then baking though...but still.

poor you...

when all else fails drizzle was a good idea!

LinebargerCL said...

At least you tried! I love looking through the book, but I get overwhelmed at the amount of time I know it would take! I think your shower pops were perfect, and I'm sure they were tasty! :-) Maybe it's better if you don't have to make 50 of them!

Urban Earthworm said...

I wouldn't even try it. I would fail miserably. I do not craft.

But, ultimately, I think yours turned out delicious looking!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I actually think the drizzled pops look better than the examples. Do you remember the old SNL, Oh Nooooo! It's Mr. Bill! ooooh!


Myya said...

If it makes you feel better my balls would have looked exactly like yours, I am just not a crafty gal... like AT ALL!

I'm with Viv, totlaly looks like Mr Bill :)

Kaycee said...

Um, as a fellow non-crafty person, I give you heaps and piles of credit for even trying in the first place. I would have looked at them, smiled, and moved on with my life.

Just happened across your blog today and had fun reading. Nice to "meet" you! :)

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