Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's the April Vlog Y'all!!

It's that time again! April Vlog - Join up with Shawn & Mamarazzi as we get to "see everyone" in conversations around bloggyland. Click on the button below and visit some really fun gals in a unique way!!


I was totally prepared this time too!! I "filmed" this a week & a half ago!  Our first assignment is a dialect vlog - we were asked to say a bunch of words and answer questions to hear how we answer them.  Here goes....

Secondly, we were asked to show everyone our favorite room in the house.

As usual ladies, I love me some vlog - I can talk...can you tell??  Come back soon to see how the Cake Pops turned out.  Let me just tell you...Bakerella, I am not!


Anonymous said...

ohh my word totally loved watching these!! What fun!! You are so right on pecan.. a pee - can is what you take when you go fishing.. or atleast that is what my Dad always said ;-)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I love hearing your voice! (Why ya gotta throw me under da bus about the creative stuff like that tho?)
I am so glad that you kept it real in your living area. I love that you showed us where "Life happens."
LOVE the tree outside the window.

Shawn said...

You and your dang video skills!

I look at my background too and clean up, sometimes. I love the green, love, love, love it!

We both flip-flop on the caramel.

If I could spell how you just said ruin I would just to make fun of you like you did me and the way I say pecan.

Dang it those freaking rolly-pollys...I will never forget that!

I just made cake-pops, they turned out pretty good. I want to see the finished product!

I love the openness and the light from the windows. Thanks for keeping it real, there really shouldn't be any other option.

MiMi said...

You are so adorable!
You know, I think you might as well still live in the NW, cuz you speak like me!! :) Only a slight accent, but we pronounce the words the same.
Except Orange. I thought it sounded like ORNGE. Like one syllable. LOL
Although, who knows, maybe that's how I say it too and I just don't realize it.
I love your room, I want a room like that!!
Your baby is looking at you like, "Where ya going?" when you told him to say "bye." LOL

Impulsive Addict said...

i love/hate Viv and all her skills. I totally get that.

I liked listening to you talk. You totally have an accent though!! lol

When I lived in Ft. Worth, there was no HEB. It sucked. So basically, I've never been in one before because that chain doesn't exist here in Okie.

I loved peeking inside your house. I felt kinda dirty but YOU were showing us so it's ok, right? My living area is where Emma keeps her basket o' toys so I get it. Except yours was still neater than ours.

You are such a cutie! I can't WAIT to meet you IRL next month!!!!!

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

I love the monthly Vlog I feel like I get to know you so much better! It's nice getting to hear your accent and see your favorite place!! A big cozy couch I'm all about that!!
P.S I loved the intro!

Darling's said...

Fun, Fun! Good luck on the cake pops! Wish I had some advice on them, but each time I make them they come out a little bit better, so I guess practice makes perfect!!! It was fun to get to 'see' "Bubba" too!!

Misty said...

you are so stinkin' cute. and THANK YOU!!! COKE. it's coke... COKE... here in idaho it's soda or pop and that drives me NUTS. in NM (where i grew up) it is COKE. just like you said... :)

Xazmin said...

I love listening to you!

You are like a natural - the camera loves you baby!

I love your home as well - we call that area a "great room" around here. I wish I had a great room!

shortmama said...

I have to say that this whole vlogging thing is growing on me...it really is a good time. I think because you feel more like you are sitting and having a conversation with people...everything is more real!

Love that color in your dining room!

Heather at Dragonfly Designs said...

Keep it real baby! LOVED it! Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Great video! You sound 'normal' ... no accent! I like that. I would love to think that's HOW I SPEAK, bu I guess not...ha!

Love your kitchen/living area...very nice and open yet cozy at the same time! :)

Mamarazzi said...

i love vlogging. i love sitting and hearing all of my bloggy besties "chat".

i am so glad you played and i seriously want to meet you in real life, cuz i just know i would love ya!

love the green walls, really like super love!

there was more i was gonna say but now i can't remember.

it was all good stuff though.

Connie said...

That green dining room is so pretty! But I love green!

I love hearing you talk! And you're a fast talker...I like that.


I love all of those windows. Our apartment is so dark.

Stacey said...

Wow! You are really good at this vlog thing! I like the green walls.

Kate said...

If that is all the toys than you are amazing. Our house usually looks like toys r us exploded. Love your kitchen!!

Janna said...

How have we not met? Jessica did your blog...Mamarazzi, IA...we have so many friends in common...we must meet!

And you are right...you don't have much of an accent. You need to bring back the Ya'll! :)

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green wall!

Myya said...

Dang! Why you gotta be so good at these? I only did one take too but mine was a hot mess, yours was perfct! You are so natural, you definitely do love to talk. I am jealous of your big open space, I love that! I loved how you kept saying "this is where life happens" What a perfect way to describe it!

Oh & I LOOOOVE that green in your dining room, what a fun splash of color!

Conni said...

I loved your vlog, I am not brave enough yet to try one.

I agree with you if you have or have had a toddler you have toys in the room, I have finally reached that their toys stay int heir rooms, dont miss them in the living room at all.

I am trying the cake pops tomorrow, but will be watching your blog for pictures of how they turned out

Thanks for sharing

Jenerally Speaking said...

I love your curls and the green! You did great on your vlog!

jennykate77 said...

I can hear a little "Texas" in there...but you're right, for the most part you don't really have a southern accent.

I concur...I CAN NOT WAIT FOR AUSTIN!!! I swear it's about all I think about lately! I'm so excited!!!

Love your green walls! It's a great color...so vibrant and fresh.

I also love your open living room...it's really bright and comfortable.

You're so good at vlogging!

sarajo said...

Ok, where in Washington did you move to? I'm from Washington. I so wouldn't have made fun of you for saying y'all. In fact, I probably would have started saying it too.
Love your living room! So open and wonderful!

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