Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How NOT to Get a Picture of a Celebrity

Last fall, I received a call from my husband after my daughter's soccer game.  I was out of town and had missed it.  After the normal "how'd she do conversation", he mentions, "oh yeah, one of the dads from the other team was some guy from Friday Night Lights."


Which one??? "I dunno."

AHH! I love loved that show- seriously, which one?

"It's the guy who was in Super 8."

KYLE CHANDLER???  You mean the guy who just won an Emmy for his role?  

"um. yeah.  I guess so. He's just a dad, watching his daughter play soccer."

I was so bummed to have missed that game.

A few weeks later they played them again and guess who was out of town...again!

So this Spring I made sure I was going to be at their game.  Even planned weeks ahead on what I should do.  

Do I play it cool and act like I don't know him? Nope.  I'd regret not talking to him.

Do I go up to him right away and tell him I think he's a fantastic actor? Nope.  I will get all tongue-tied and act like a stupid girl.

Hubby thought I was ridiculous - thought I needed to just leave him alone.  He's just trying to watch his daughter play.  Nope. Not me.  If he chooses to be an actor as a profession, he needs to understand that people are going to want to meet him.  Besides, he's Coach Taylor for goodness sakes - he's awesome!

Sunday came - I had my camera and all my lenses ready.  And I became a stupid girl. 

I was overcome with butterflies as I snuck shots of him.

Walking by me.... What? Can't you tell that's him?
 Sitting down next to us...
 He was chatting with everyone about how great the weather was - my friend, Dolly (in the pink hat) talked with him for a long while....all the time knowing I was dying to talk to him!
 I even used my son (I know!) to try to take his picture.... it's a terrific shot of his legs.....
 This one is so much better.....
 So then I started to get braver.  Sis was about to take a corner shot so I scooted down on the other end of the field to take her pic and quickly snapped a few.

Now he's looking like Coach Taylor!

 All the while, I am texting Connie (since she was the only other person who cared that I was at a soccer game with Coach Taylor) and even recorded him yelling, since it sounded so "Coach Taylor-y":

 So yes, I did watch my kids' soccer games - I wasn't totally obsessing the whole game.  Brody was actually playing on the field right behind Sis, so it was really easy for me to turn back & forth to watch them both.  After about 10 mins of freaking out inside, I started to do what I was there for - be a mom taking pics of my kids.....

At one point I was taking pics of Brody's game when HE started to watch the boys' game and asked if I had a son playing too?

(don't freak out...don't freak out)

"Yep - it figures they are at the same time"

"Man these boys are good...etc...."

And we talked about soccer and kids and coaching and being proud of your kids and rugby (don't ask- he brought it up?).  It was then that I realized, I was talking to a dad who was watching his daughter playing soccer - not an Emmy-award winning actor from one of my favorite tv shows.  He was just a regular guy.  And that was pretty cool.

Of course, did I get my shot? - absolutely - at the end of the conversation I told him, "look, I know who you are and I think your a terrific actor.  Would you mind if I got a picture with you to show my friends?"

He smiled real big, said "of course, here, let me show you how the pros do it....."

And he took our picture.


Melanie said...

very cute post! :)

Leigh Ann said...

What a fantastic guy! "Let me show you ow the pros do it." ha!

Stacy Uncorked said...

OMG I LOVE Kyle Chandler!!! And I love that you ultimately got to have an actual conversation with him and didn't get tongue tied in teh process. AND got a great picture!! :)

Princess Nagger and the Ruptured Eardrum

Connie Weiss said...

I think I just peed my pants!!!!

I was so happy and excited for you!

And I love him. :)

MiMi said...

That is awesome!

Johanson Family said...

Love that!! If only all celebs would be that normal! :) fun post!!

Shawn said...

A few things...

1. I have no idea who this man is.
2. You were texting me too, did you know that, and I had no idea what you were talking about (I was at church not being rude and not replying).
3. You for sure acted like a little girl, not the take charge Becca I know.
4.I was thrilled to see you brought your balls, the ones I know you have, and addressed him. Now that's the Becca I know.

That's 2 actors for you this year, hopefully you'll bring that good luck with us to LA!

Thanks for linking up XOXO!

Emmy said...

Hehe love it!! So glad you got a good picture with him. And yep, Celeberties are or can be (definitely not all are) real people. I sat next to and was talking to Richard Scott Evans author of The Christmas Box and all of those other stories and didn't even realize it was him until way after the fact- so made it so I was not nervous at all as I had no reason to be :)

StarTraci said...

Great pic! Glad you stuck with it and finally asked.


jennykate77 said...

You've got mad ninja skillz, Becca!!! :)

I'm glad you finally got your moment with him and how cool that he took the pic!! What a fun story!

Heidi said...

Hilarious! He was on the newspaper show too - you know, where he got tomorrow's newspaper today. I used to love that show.

Impulsive Addict said...

I think I got this text message too! I had NO IDEA who he was but now I know. I didn't ever watch FNL so no wonder I was clueless! I love that you were sneaking shots! Good job! But that last pic is the BEST! He may "think" he's a pro but he needed to smile a little more. He looks cute! I'm glad you didn't freak out and I'm glad you met a celebrity. I never have....unless we get to meet Viv's IRL friend!!! *fingers crossed*


The Impulsive Texan said...

Great job!!!! But I think I'd rather have a pic with that red-headed she devil that played his wife. Holy mother of a golf balls dimples...she's a dang hottie!!! I was sorta p.o.'d when the show was cancelled right at the height of it's popularity.

Now I'm reduced to scouring the internet for pics of that bow-she-bow-bow red head, Connie Britton.

Please TV execs, bring her, errhhhh, I mean "Friday Night Lights" back..PUHLEEEEEEASE!!!!!

The Impulsive Texan

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