Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Daydreamin': A Texas National Park

Did you know that it is National Parks week and you can get into any of the National Parks free this week?  So I used my handy google to see how many National Parks are in Texas.

Ready for this?

Thirteen!!  A ton more than I thought - I need to start working on this!

Lucky for us, we visited our first Texas National Park as a family over Spring Break - Lyndon Baines Johnson National Historical Park in Stonewall, Texas.  
Lyndon B Johnson's family has ranched in the Central Texas area for years.  Once he became President, LBJ continued to come to Texas, to the Texas White House.  We toured the ranch, which included his boyhood school house, a replica of his childhood home, the barns where cattle are still raised today, and his wonderful home.  

This picture is the view he hd looking out the front windows on his home - looking out onto the Pedernales River.  It was such a calm and peaceful view.  

Do you have a picture of a visit to a National Park you'd like to share?  Post it and link up over at R We There Yet Mom?  We love spending our Friday morning doing a little daydreamin'.


Angie said...

What a cool experience!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun experience! I didn't realize that all of the National Parks weren't actually parks like Yellowstone. I'm going to have to check a list and see if I actually have visited any of the U.S. National Parks.

Steve said...

See...if I had a view like that from my front windows, I'd probably go on to become president too.
I mean...other than being a Canadian. That might be a problem. I'd still love the view though.

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