Tuesday, August 16, 2011

WOW! What a debate we have going on here.

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K?  Thanks.

On with the show........

I'm assuming everyone knows the drama going on with my blog - if not, read this first.

Moving forward, I have had a huge outpouring of support from the blogging community in regards to the plagiarism.  While the majority of blog comments, facebook comments, and tweets are in support of the fact that my words were stolen, there are a few that see things differently.

Today the story was even picked up by another blog, My Favorite Hate Mail and the comments have been enlightening. I love the debate that has been going on........

Some feel that the person who stole the post was apologetic in her comment back to me.
I do not feel this way.  I think she was embarrassed that she was caught.

Some feel that she is getting flogged by the blogging community.
Possibly - she is getting flamed.  This stems from the overwhelming passion that comes from bloggers who work hard putting their words out there for the world to see.  They are protective of what is theirs.  They are supportive of other bloggers when someone "does them wrong".  And if you are not an active blogger, you may not be able to relate to this.  That's ok.

Some feel I/we are making a big deal out of nothing.
While I appreciate their concerns for the other blogger, they need to reflect on how they would feel if something they worked hard for was taken from them.  I was initially very upset by this discovery on Saturday night and immediately posted my anger.  I don't regret what I said.  I am glad that I brought this issue to light.

Some feel I need to "let it go."
I have.  Really. I don't hold a grudge to this blogger.  I forgive her for what she did.  She made a silly mistake and I am sorry that she finds it unnecessary to apologize for it.  But it is what it is.

In all honesty, it has been a fun last few days - I have met a ton more people in the bloggy world and brought more attention (and traffic) to my 2 blogs.

So if you are new to The Texas Darlings or R We There Yet Mom?,  thanks for visiting.  Hope you come back again.

Just don't steal my post. K?


Lindsay said...

hehehe last line = me peeing my pants.. ;-) I would feel bad if she was being flogged and had actually apologized.. People that don't see this as a big deal.. how would they feel if they saw a picture of their child on someone's blog? Its the same thing..

Shawn said...

Once again you're being too nice. This was not a "silly mistake". A silly mistake is wearing two different socks not stealing someone's work.

You're way too kind!

Rachel said...

I think this is crazy! Ms. Steal Your Post probably was one of those kids who slacked in school and got by by either stealing others work, copying or paying someone to do her work for her. It is immoral and the fact that she really isn't apoligizing is lame. I would never steal someone's work first off and if I did, I would work a little harder at concealing it aka not joining your link up party. Good job on calling her out on it in a friendlier way...I would not have been that nice.

MiMi said...

Crazy crazy. I'm just speechless about it. I really don't know what to say.

Connie Weiss said...

I've decided that I'm just going to pray for her. Because I'm not a hard core Christian...but I know right from wrong and I have a SOLID relationship with Jesus.


Emmy said...

Always a silver lining at least- more attention and traffic :).

Jessica @ My Simply Complicated said...

I think you're doing the right thing, Becca. I really do. I agree with everything that you said in this post.

I don't think I would be so enraged by it either if she simply would have apologized. Instead, she ragged on you, said she was wrong, ragged on your readers, and then ragged on you some more.

Thank you for bringing light to it - it happens to far too many people!

Amber said...

It annoys me that people are taking her side, there I said it!

She stole, if it happened to anyone else they'd be upset too.

Either way I still think it's a great opportunity to shed light and make bloggers aware of the situation, you did the right thing!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Craziness. You handled everything beautifully and with dignity and integrity. xoxo

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