Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Best Park

There is a really amazing park that opened up last Spring here in Round Rock - it's called the Play For All Abilities Park.
It's a park that is for kids of all abilities - mobile, mental, maturity - everyone has something they can with play here.
Not to mention, it's a really FUN park!
One area is made up of businesses and streets - you can bring your own riding toys and drive up & down them.

There are so many little facets and interesting gadgets to play with.  There is even a sensory board to learn opposites, touch & feel, and sizes.

You can make your own music at one section of the park.
And there is a lot of shade at a wooded area of the park.

It is a really amazing place to take the kids - Bubba LOVES going here. It's his sized "amusement park".  The whole place is fenced in too, so he can run free!!

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