Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Last Game

This Spring, Sissy had her last game of the season with her long-standing team she has been on since 2008.
Most of these girls have moved with us as we moved from rec soccer to Academy to Select this year.
Matt has coached them and has been so very proud of how much they have accomplished.
I remember these sweet girls when they were tiny little 2nd graders chasing the ball up & down the field.  Now they are all moving on to middle school and they have awesome skills.
They have matured in their passion to play the game. It has been so fun watching them come together and play so well.

And I love seeing how much Sis has improved in the game.  She becomes someone else on the field.  She anticipates the ball, gets in front of it, blocks it, stops it...she amazes me.  And she becomes so aggressive when playing - knocks into other players to get to the ball and takes it away.  I love it.
She is also very passionate about winning - gets most upset when they lose and is so very hard on herself. I can't wait to see where soccer takes her.
These 4 cuties have played together since 2nd grade!!

As I mentioned, this was their last game to play together.  Matt is finished coaching.  And many of the girls are pursuing other interests.  We have decided to not continue on with the Hutto Gunners either.

In May, Sis started practicing with another Club, Lonestar, tried out for them in June, and made the A team!!! Woo-Hoo!  We are really excited as this starts a new chapter for her - Dad is not her coach, she is playing on a whole different level of soccer - more travel, greater commitment.  It is something that she clearly loves and is good at, so I am excited to see her grow.

Who knew this little 4 year old who loved to play soccer because she would get to hang out with her Dad would turn into this?

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