Tuesday, December 18, 2012

40 B4 40

Today is my 39th birthday.  Should I feel melancholy?  Should I feel sad?  Should I feel old?  Cause I don't.

Instead I feel motivated.

As I sit here in my office, writing this, I face a big wall that we have covered in pictures of our family.  It is a testament to our happiness, our great love and what we have accomplished in the short 39 years I have been here.  Each one of these pictures holds a special memory in my heart.

And instead of feeling sad that I am almost at the "mid-point" of my life, I feel motivated to create even more fun memories.  So motivated, that I am creating a list of the 40 things I want to do BEFORE I'm 40.

And to that, my husband just laughed at me - "Why must you ALWAYS create lists??"

I don't know - it's my thing.

40 B4 40

  1. Pay it Forward
  2. Start a new blog 
  3. Learn to Snow Ski
  4. See the Grand Canyon
  5. Take a cooking class at Central Market
  6. Run a 9 minute mile
  7. Read 10  good books this year (good ones.....)
  8. Blog here weekly
  9. Do the Austin Geocache
  10. Take Ian to meet Lightening McQueen
  11. Complete a puzzle
  12. Climb Enchanted Rock (again)
  13. Enjoy a wine tasting
  14. Write notes & actually mail them
  15. Teach a class
  16. Have one published article
  17. Paint the boys' bathroom
  18. Volunteer with my kids 
  19. Start a Geocache Race
  20. Swim in Barton Springs
  21. Read Gone with the Wind
  22. Sleep in a Tent at least once
  23. Family Game Night
  24. Pray More
  25. Go on a date with my son
  26. Cook Crab Legs
  27. Go on a Cruise
  28. Zipline 
  29. Send birthday cards 
  30. See a ballet with my daughter
  31. Donate Blood
  32. Run 2 Races
  33. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  34. Swim in the Pacific Ocean
  35. Order Sushi on my own
  36. Try Yoga
  37. Cook a meal from Julia Child's Cookbook
  38. Picnic of bread, cheese, and wine after a hike with the hubby
  39. Girls Spa Day
  40. Try Stand Up Paddleboarding

Not that I think I can accomplish all 40 things, but its a list of things I have "always wanted to do".  There they are in writing.  Can't back out now.

Let's just see how many I can accomplish, shall we?


Alli said...

Great list!! So many you listed are things I have been wanting to do too...especially the hot air balloon! I looked into it for my birthday this year, it was a lot more expensive than I had in my mind! But it's a must when I turn 40. :) Have your 40th in Fredericksburg with your girl friends! My sister did it a week ago for her 40th and it was the most fun ever!! You can mark off the wine tasting off your list that weekend too. :)

The Bipolar Diva said...

Happy birthday! And I love your list, heck if I could learn to surf when I was 49 I know you can tackle each and every one of your items!

MiMi said...

Don't you mean 29??
You and Connie...list makin' fools! :)

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