Monday, June 18, 2012

The 11th Birthday Party

When Sis was younger, I threw big, elaborate birthday parties.  I would have a fantastic theme and then work for weeks on all the details.  I loved having BIG parties at home.  It was always a very stressful time, as the perfectionist in me wanted it to be spectacular.

I guess I got tired.  As she got older, birthdays became easier - we found locations to have a great event.    Or we just planned less and less.  This year, she had a great party. 

We invited a few friends for a sleepover and a movie the next morning.

It was a great group of girls and all they wanted to do was play.
And a certain little boy soaked in all their attention.....
Yes it was April, but we live in Texas, so the first swim of the season was certainly in order.
It was cold, but this group of 11-year olds didn't care a bit.
Bubba watches cautiously.....
She received a lot of nice gifts, but totally dug the candy.......
Instead of cake, she opted for this Pinterest-inspired recipe - chocolate waffle ice cream sandwiches.
The next morning, the girls had fun signing & decorating balls to keep.
And then came the real fun - PJs and Pancakes at the movies!!
We love our local movie house - you can order dinner!! Or in this case, breakfast at the first show on weekends!
It was a relaxed, fun birthday party for my girl - relatively little preparation and loads of fun!

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Emmy said...

That looks like a perfect birthday party

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