Monday, June 18, 2012


Remember when you were a kid and summers seemed to last F-O-R-E-V-E-R??  And then you became an adult and they flew by in what felt like a week??

Case in point: We were out of school here in Texas BEFORE Memorial Day - May 25th.  So we are actually heading into our 4th week of summer today....4TH FREAKING WEEK Y'ALL!!!  Time is flying by!

But good thing the kids & I brainstormed a ton of fun things we wanted to do this summer, so we would NEVER get bored.....
Some trips we have already had planned, some ideas are 'pie-in-the-sky".  Some require absolutely NO MONEY, some require me pushing away the laptop and putting down the iPhone and giving my kids my full attention.  
Both Sis & Brody contributed things they wanted to try. Any guess who wanted to play Laser Tag with Dad??

Some ideas were borrowed stolen from Pinterest (has anyone tried this "cloud dough"?? Does it work?).  And a ton of ideas are things that we ok, me wanted to do here locally that we haven't ever tried before.
We will never get all of them done, but it is so fun planning our weeks and filling them with fun ideas from our list!  

Did I mention we are starting our 4th week?  

They have been a very busy 4 weeks!!

Here's what we have accomplished so far: 1 wedding4 waterpark visitss'mores & outdoor movieBIG outdoor concert (Foster the People y'all!!)seen a tiger jump into a pool of water less than 7 feet in front of meclimbed up 180 feet below the surface carrying a 30-lb 3 year old, tubing Lake LBJ, learned what blacksmithing is from an honest-to-Goodness Blacksmitherhad my steering wheel licked by a zebra, Danced the Cotton Eye Joe at one of the oldest country bars in Austin, and eaten some of the BEST ribs I have ever had in my 4 weeks! WHEW!! 

(don't hate the colors- I know I broke every "blogging" rule by doing that but I wanted to make sure you read my list.......)

Honestly, we have done more.  So, this summer, (because I KNOW you are all very interested), I am giving y'all our lives, week by week via that wonderful little picture app, Instagram!  I'm going to recruit my little ones to help me blog about it too.....we'll see how that goes.

So come on back tomorrow to hear how my sweet girl did acting in front of 200 people with little rehearsal!!!!!!


Shawn said...

You're such a Super-Mom!

Our summer, all 10 days if it, has consisted of softball, the beach, softball, sleeping in, being sick and more softball. playing laser tag with Dad sounds way more fun!

Angie said...

You all have been super busy!!! I had big plans for the summer but this pregnancy has put a bit of a damper on it. The kids are still enjoying the warm weather and sunshine so I'll say at least that is a plus :)

Anonymous said...

That's a really cool way to make the list! I may have to steal it ;)

VandyJ said...

Hmmm, I think our list might be less busy, but still full. We've only heard the I'm bored statement maybe 10 times, and we've been out of school as long as you have. Turbo is learning to not tell us that because we can come up with things for him to do--he may not like them but he won't be bored, sort of.

Nadine Hightower said...

I love that board!! With so many things to do how can a kid ever say "i'm bored"?
you are super mom!

Connie Weiss said...

We just started week 3 and haven't done much. We need to get on it or the summer will be over!

Impulsive Addict said...

LOVE the list! Great idea!

Did that say "eat a horseshoe"? What in the WORLD?? I've been keeping up with you on instagram. You guys are ROCKIN' summer vacay! Emma needs to be a bit older but we're having some local fun--as much as you can have in HELL. =)

Emmy said...

We got out on the 22nd so yea, crazy how fast it is going. You have done a ton already!!

MiMi said...

4 water park visits?! COOL!!

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