Saturday, June 16, 2012

The 11th Birthday

April 5 - well over 2 months ago, my baby girl turned 11.  We like to celebrate BIG here in Texas.

We always surprise the birthday one right when they wake up:
But this year, my girl walked downstairs to an even bigger surprise:
She had a growth spurt this past year and desperately needed a bike that her knees didn't come up to her ears as she rode it.

She was pretty excited:
And we start the day off opening at least ONE present before heading to school...even if it is 7 am.....
The Birthday Girl was thrilled to get the Hunger Game series and even started reading it during breakfast.
Dirty plate from the requested cinnamon rolls, but the birthday one always gets meals on their "Red Plate".
That afternoon, Bubba helped his Sissy unwrap presents - she is so sweet to let him rip into all the packages, even though they were all for her.
We tried this game a few months back at the SXSW Games convention - so fun for older kids - lots of thinking involved.
But this girl had one request for her birthday - all she wanted was a Liverpool Jersey like her Daddy.  Matt was all over this - ordered it with her favorite player's (Suarez) name and number on the back.

To say she was excited is an understatement - she was thrilled and wears it when ever there is a game that she and her Dad can watch together.
Bike?  What bike?

Yep - Dad rocks.


Angie said...

Little girls just adore their daddy's don't they? Looks like such a great birthday. She is so tall, no wonder she needed a bigger bike.

Kelli said...

You guys really know how to celebrate a birthday! How fun!

Connie Weiss said...

I love that bike!!

MiMi said...

Is it wrong that I'm INSANELY jealous of her birthday??

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