Friday, July 1, 2011

My Boy J

Brody (not his real name, but we'll use it here) is my middle child.  He is 8 and his brain has gone to mush.  Literally.  Do any of you have 8 year old boys?  Do you know what I am talking about?  You know, when you have to yell at them ask them 15 TIMES (no lie) to feed the dog.  Or tell them to go and get your hat from your bedroom, only to have them come downstairs 10 minutes later and tell you, "Um, I forgot what you wanted me to get?"  "Mom, what's today?" and "Mom, where are we going again?" are questions I get daily.


But my goodness I love this kid.
He is so very curious.  He loves to figure out the how's and why's of things.  How did the water get up in that tower?  Why did they make a stamp that has an upside down airplane?  What does L.E.D. stand for mom (seriously, kid?)? How did the ice truckers make it through that ice storm? If we didn't live in Texas, where would we live? Why did.......

Instead of checking out chapter books at the library, he is always coming up with these crazy subjects he wants to read about: Tanks. Stamps. World War II Battleships.  Volcanic Disasters.  Oil Spills. Bats.

And then we all get to learn about it with him as he tells us the most random facts about why a chameleon changes colors to match his surrounds.  But he can't remember what day it is???

He told me the other day he wanted to make sure he got Morganne's teacher from 3rd grade.  She is this pretty redhead that is so sweet to him.

When I asked him why, he just blushed but quickly defended himself saying she is "the best 3rd grade teacher!"


 He doesn't let me take his picture anymore.  And he doesn't like to talk much.   When I ask him, "What did you do at cub scout camp today?" I typically get a "um...I don't know" or a "huh.  I can't remember."  I can't figure out if that is because he doesn't want to talk to me or if he really doesn't remember (mush...)

Of course if I asked him what lizard that was he was holding, he'd go on for 15 minutes....

He was my hugger - loved to give me hugs and kisses - now he is way too cool for that......

I get it.  It's not cool.  That's ok.

I look at him and think in amazement how quickly it has all gone by.  He was my giggly boy who would love to let me read a story to him.  Now he is this brainiac who can't form complete sentances.  Soon, he will be ignoring me completely and eating me out of house and home.

So this summer, I need to get on his level - ride bikes with him.  play wii with him.  talk lizards and tanks with him.
Cause I only have 10 more summers with this guy.  


Rhonda said...

Sounds a lot like my soon to be 8 year old. Darn...I didn't expect to start tearing up...10 more summers..that is hitting me HARD! I have an almost 10 year 8 more summers...bawl!

Shawn said...

I remember the summer count down, we had one too. Now I'm spending the summer with just one daughter. So I say talk lizards and tanks ALL DAY LONG!

MiMi said...

I have an 8 year old brain mush boy! I love him. :)

Connie Weiss said...

It must be starting early 5 year old acts the same way!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

He is seriously one of my favorite boys on the planet!! (But I'll let you deal with the frogs... Just don't think I can handle that!) Give him a hug for me (unless he's too big for that, and a high-five will do). Love you guys!

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