Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Who?

fyi - if you are currently reading the Harry Potter Series for the first time (or will some day), don't read this post - it may contain a spoiler or two.

"Do you think anyone in the world hasn't heard about Harry Potter, Mom?"

My daughter asked me this today - made me laugh - and then think - "Doubtful, but I bet your Great Grandma Beck hasn't!"

Today the very last movie of the 8-part Harry Potter movie series came out and the world is abuzz with Harry.  I'm guessing that most of the world is talking about (or at least hearing about) Harry Potter today.

In 2000, I was given a gift of the first 3 Harry Potter books.  My Sister-in-Law promised me that I would "love them" but I was very doubtful.  After all, I was an adult, I didn't read children's books.

I finished them in a week.  I couldn't put them down.  From then on out, I had the latest Harry Potter book in my hand the week it came out.  

You know when a book captures you so much that you lose all sense of time and "fall into them"?  Kinda like a pensive (HP fans - get that one?), I became a part of the story.  I rooted for Harry & Ron & Hermonie in the early books and got very mad at Harry around book 4 or 5 when he started to get all teenagery & moody.  I remember the moment I "thought" Harry died and exactly how devastated I was when Dumbledore did in fact die.  And I remember going into a  tiny bit of depression when I finished the last book and knew that I would not "see" my friends ever again.

And now, as a mom, I am going through all the fun of reading the books with my kids.  When my daughter was in 3rd grade, she poured through the first 5 books in a matter of weeks.  And this summer, we started reading them aloud - it has become a great thing to do on the road.  

The movies have been good, but I find myself sad that not all of the wonderful details of the books are included - I get it - the movies have to be condensed - but i only hope that most people will take the time to read them too, so they don't miss the whole story.

3 weeks ago, we begun a countdown movie marathon with Aunt Meghan before we go and see the final movie.  This weekend, we hope to finish them and see the movie early next week.  Being the "sensible" mom, I wanted to avoid all the crazy fun of the midnight showing last night.  Who am I kidding?  I totally wanted to go!!

Many speak of a chapter closing once this final movie is out - I say no.  With 8 movies that kids will watch over & over, a huge theme park devoted to the phenomena, video games, toys, and more, Harry Potter will not be a fad culture.  As long as we continue to encourage the next generations to read the series, Harry Potter will forever fascinate and entertain.



MiMi said...

I LOVED Harry Potter. So, my boy is you think that's too young to start reading them and get to the final one?? Seriously.
He's dying to read em.
I wanna go to the theme park SO BAD.
Have you went?

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

We are a Harry Potter family, too. We have been to midnight movies and midnight book release parties. My oldest daughter and her friends have grown-up with Harry. Our house has always been the host house for these parties, and it was bittersweet last night knowing that these girls who have gone to school together for so many years will be going away to college in a matter of weeks. I decorated for their party, and I cried while doing it. I loved this last movie because it was truly for the book fans. DId you notice the word horcrux was never mentioned nor explained?

Ricki Jill

Connie Weiss said...


Not reading your post.


Christie in Dallas, TX said...

Cella is actually just getting into HP, and it's fun to watch her discover it all!

Amber said...

Harry Potter is absolutely a cultural phenomenon that I think will live on for a long, long time. I can't wait to be able to read the books aloud with my children (if that happens) as a part of a family/bed time ritual.


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