Friday, July 29, 2011


In honor of celebrating 16 years with my one & only today, here are 16 things I love about him, our family, and our life together:

1. You coach Sis's soccer team (and have for 6 years now).  I have an enormous amount of pride for you as a father watching you take that leadership role in her life.

2. I love how your favorite cereal is Fruity Pebbles.

3. When I met you, you were in uniform. It still gives me shivers down my spine to see you in cammo.

4. Our youngest runs to you, yelling, "DaDa!" every time he sees you - that is pure love.

5. I love how gruff your voice is after you watch a soccer game.

6. You love to read.  I love to read.  Our kids love to read.

7. I used to not want to fly overseas to travel.  Then I traveled to France, Italy, Ireland, & England with you.  When can we go back?

8. The first meal I ever made you was lasagna.  To this day it is still my favorite meal to make for you.

9. Our middle looks up to you - he loves to talk about sharks, hunting, fishing, boating, dinosaurs...all boy stuff.  Thank goodness he has you to discuss those important topics with.

10. As much as I tease you, it is incredibly endearing to see the loyalty you have to one team. 16+ soccer jerseys?  or is it more?

11. I will always remember your reactions to each of our children's births.  You were a rock for me, and a puddle of emotions for them.  love.

12. A gorgeous ring for my first Mother's Day.  A diamond strand for my 30th.  Matching earrings for  Christmas.  You always surprise me with such great taste.

13. You look good driving a truck.

14. I am my happiest when we are cruising Lake LBJ on the boat with the kids.  

15. You like to laugh at me.  That's ok.  I'm happy I can still make you laugh.

16. People still talk about how fun our wedding was.  It was one of the best nights of my life.

16 years ~ 9 address ~ 14 cars ~ 21 vacations ~ 3 children ~ a lifetime of memories

I love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! This post was great and made me look forward to my 16th wedding anniversary! Have a great weekend celebrating!

Myya said...

What a great post! Happy Anniversary to you two. You are an adorable couple & clearly have soooo very much to be proud of :)

Connie Weiss said...

So Sweet!!

Happy Anniversary!

My first homemade meal for Keith was Lasagna too!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Sniffle. This is the sweetest ever. I can tell how much you love your hubby. Happy 16th!

Mom said...

What a nice tribute, and all so true! I am so proud of you both, you have a marriage that is sure to last and that is saying a lot in today's world.

Shawn said...

I love this! You are certainly one of the very lucky ones to still be in such love with one another!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a sweet post. Sounds like a wonderful marriage. I love the collection of photos. Happy Anniversary!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

What a great post for a great couple! Love you guys!!

Leah H. said...

What a great post. I found your blog through Miller Racing Family. My husband is a big soccer fan also and we've been to all those countries also! :) Hope your anniversary was wonderful. I'll be adding your blog to my blog list!

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