Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Your Typical Week

You know those weeks where God just smiles down on you?  Everything works out perfectly and you find yourself humming along.  So thankful for the ordinary yet fulfilling life that God has blessed you with?

It was one of those weeks.  And I have to capture it.  To remind myself when I am not having one of those weeks.  

So buckle your seat belt - It's a busy one!
Saturday- Soccer finally started!!  Everyone is excited in our house.  
Even Bubba Boy!
I actually scheduled myself for a facial on Saturday afternoon (gasp!  the spa?  How could you?) and we had an awesome kids-free dinner downtown for Matt's Birthday.

I have missed working with kids at church so much, so I jumped back in this fall and am now working in the Elementary Kids services - it is so much fun!!
This Sunday they did bobbin for marshmallows, a waffle toss, and an air mattress surfing contest.  It was a Back-to-school party complete with worship time and a message.  I don't ever remember church being this fun as a kid!
That afternoon, as Ian napped, I caught up on one of my favorites...Mad Men.  Oh so good!

So your typically Monday, but what was so great is that everything fell into place.  Got a great run in, good naps, lots of time to work on my PTA presentation, grocery store, quick dinner and off to 2 soccer practices.  
And all with a smile from my precious:

Today was my hubby's birthday.  The baby and I took him to lunch at Maggiano's (YUM!).  There is something about getting out and going to lunch with your hubby in the middle of the work week. I used to take advantage of all the "business lunches" I went on.  Now they are so nice!

We had curriculum night at school with our first PTA Meeting (did I tell you I am PTA prez this year? What?!!?)  The meeting went great!  We had some fun and made a movie to kick off our fall fundraiser (click here to see it if you want - go ahead, humor me, it's only 2 mins!) and that went over well.  I sometimes miss my former "work-life" and this position has allowed me to gain some of that back all while working to benefit the kids' school.  It has really been good for me. Oh and then this happened- he just makes me laugh.

Early boot camp (5:30 - that's AM people) and it was so good - I really am sick when I use the words boot camp and so good in the same sentence huh?  Getting up & moving that early gave me so much energy - I cleaned the entire house that morning!  What??!!
And it was Early Release, so I took the kiddos to my new favorite place - the Yogurt shop.  Do you all have these?  You can pick from 10 different flavors and fill it with all the toppings you want. 
which one's momma's??

We got our culture on!  My sweet friend & I took Bubba to a Bodies exhibit on the UT Campus. It was a decent exhibit, but I really had more fun grabbing a coffee and walking the campus a bit.  We ended up walking to the LBJ Presidential Library where the view was this:
See the tower in the background? And the football stadium is to the left there (JennyKate- this pics for YOU!)  It was nice to get out and do something different for a change.

When the kids got home, we ran to the library where I picked up Skinny Italian by Teresa Guidice (RHNJ) and the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook...and a copy of Tori Spelling's new book...shh...I know, it's trash....The kids got piles of books.  I love that they love to read.
Nothing like a trip to the library that makes you want to go home and curl up with a book.  BUT, we missed Survivor on Wednesday.  So after dinner, the kids and I curled up in our bed and watched it on the laptop- love modern technology!!  Um, and Jimmy Johnson is full of himself!

It started with this after our 6 mile run this morning:
 freedom!! just look at that cute blondie in his pjs!
We have a busy but fun weekend ahead of us.  Filled with a visit from my Aunt, a party with friends tonight, Girl Scouts event, Soccer game, a Star Wars Clone Wars Premiere party (did I tell you I won a House Party?  SO fun!), church, and more!

In my downtime this week, I worked on our new PTA Website (here it is), sent about 200+ emails about various stuff in the PTA, worked on finding t-shirts for Sis's Girl Scout troop, got 3 new jobs (making movies), spent a ton of time finding a rehearsal dinner Seattle (ya'll know how hard that is when you live in Texas?) and still found time to love on my baby boy!

Our lives are so full right now - I wouldn't have it any other way.  I think I probably take the busy-ness for granted or sometimes look at it as a burden.  Nope.  I am choosing to revel in it and be thankful for it.  Someday, I know I will miss it!! 


Anonymous said...

What a great week! That yogurt place looks amazing!! One just open near my sister we are going to take the kids soon!

shortmama said...

Sounds like a great week!

Kelli said...

PTA President...look at you! I just started attending our meetings and plan on being very involved. Jamison just joined Girl Scouts (Brownies) and I hope she loves it. You had a wonderful week and I love that you documented each moment and that you're doing so well with your running. I love that your kids love to read does Jamison (we're working on Caleb). Enjoy this time!

Vivienne said...

Holy moly! I want a nap now. I'm glad you had a fab week, but I'm exhausted just reading about it!

Connie W said...

You are one of those people that thrive on being busy and I love that about you!

PTA Prez? Cool!

He & Me + 3 said...

Girl you are more busy than me. Gah and all with a smile and you run 6 miles? wah? You are super mom. i bow down. LOL Great week and great job PTA prez!

Shawn said...

Being busy is such a blessing! If we weren't busy that means we more than likely don't have children to care for, a husband to love on, a house to clean, or friends to talk with. Yep, being busy is most definitely a blessing!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Awww, I love those kind of weeks! Busy is definitely a good thing.

Miller Racing Family said...

Wow, now that does sound like a great week. I am impressed with all your running! I loved your comment at the end about missing the busy-ness. I so needed to hear that today as I have complained about our schedule all week. Thanks for a good reminder.
Have a great weekend.

Charon Benton said...

Looks like a busy, but fun week!! Thank you for the great reminder to be thankful for the busyness, as it will end all too soon!

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