Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feelin' Hot Hot HOT!

It's September 2.  And it's still hot.  No let me say that again for better emphasis.  It's HOT!!!  Ya'll it's over the 100s each afternoon.  So I just wanted to take a few minutes to familiarize you with how you know you are in Texas in August ..... and how you learn to survive.   If you haven't visited yet, this is sure to get you here!!
First off, when you leave the house, always, ALWAYS grab your iced down 32-ouncer of water BEFORE remembering to grab your keys and your purse.
Be careful getting into that car- the door handle can actually burn you.  And that seatbelt makes quite a nice branding iron.  Here in Texas in August, we learn to drive with 2 tips of our fingers on the wheel.  Go ahead.  It's perfectly safe.
Teach the kids that it's ok to sweat...a lot.  Cause the car AC doesn't blow cold air instantaneously.  
And who's bright idea was it to get a black minivan???

water is your friend.  even if it is luke-warm and splashing in your face.
luke-warm hose water is mighty refreshing down here.
When parking in august, you have to weight the pros & cons of parking in a shady spot versus walking half a mile into the store.  What's worse.....the 140 degree car or melting before you get to the one in the shade?
You start to become so delirious from the heat that 110 is "fine" and 98 is a "cool-down".
If you were a kid growing up in Texas, you played all day- every day - out in this heat and it didn't bother you.  So why does it drain you so now??

Ah.  The sweet smell of sunblock.  Blame all us Texans for killin' the Ozone layer with all our spray on sunblock.  We went through at least 5-7 bottles of the stuff.   Until I finally got smart and bought the lotion. I've managed to make it last over a month.  go figure.
And one of the worst things about August in Texas?  School clothes shopping - all we have to choose from is fall clothes!  Cute as it is, why on earth would I send my girl to school in a snazzy sweater and purple cords when it's 101?  Seriously, we don't start wearing these clothes until Thanksgiving.

Which is the main reason I live in Texas.  I can survive this ONE hot & miserable month for the six months of 50 & 60 degree winter!  Take that!


shortmama said...

I think all the same rules apply here in AZ!

Charon Benton said...

Oh my! HOT!! It has been so hot here this year too (Florida). It is finally starting to get into the mid 90's.........and that's a break for us! LOL

Anonymous said...

whew its been hot here too! Over a 100 most days.. in VA that isn't typical.. oohh plus the humidity! Can't wait to spend a week at the beach though :-) soaking up some salt water and sun! Love all these summer time pictures!

Connie W said...

It has been deliciously cool the last two days...I'm thinking of you as I sit here in my hoodie.

Miller Racing Family said...

I think it has finally cooled down here in MO. We have even turned off the air for a few days. Trey of course is wanting to break out the slip and slide. I guess he won't be a weather man when he grows up, lol.
Have a great weekend!

Vivienne said...

Dear God in heaven! I complain when it gets up to the 90s. (We're on the coast, so it helps a lot.)
I would die in that heat. (And be a Super Bitch before I croaked.)

Jessica said...

You nailed that one on the head, Becca! It has been one HOT summer. Glad you guys are surviving!

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